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Pick-up and cooking in the Ofer Forest, January 16, 2020


Bar Likut, Barak Sagi and Anat Columbus. A gathering and cooking workshop in the Ofer Forest. Acorns and carobs, nettle and garlic, herbal tea based on five surprising ingredients and stews for amazing tastes. Bar Likut - Flavors of Nature: 050-7625020 Established by Barak Sagi, a certified cultivation teacher, guide to wild plants and edible mushrooms, facilitates cooking workshops and flavors of wild plants, and a storyteller. Translated with Google Translate

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Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Женя, я путешественник и гид. Здесь я публикую свои путешествия и путеводители по городам и странам. Вы можете воспользоваться ими, как готовыми путеводителями, так и ресурсом для создания собственных маршрутов. Некоторые находятся в свободном доступе, некоторые открываются по промо коду. Чтобы получить промо код напишите мне сообщение на телефон +972 537907561 или на и я с радостью вам помогу! Иначе, зачем я всё это делаю?
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Start your day drinking tea. It is a special tea. It has 5 ingredients: cinnamon, apple, ginger, sumac, cardamom. Preparation: 2, 3 cardamom leaves, 8-9 apples, half a sumac sumac. Cardamom bush has green leaves. Purple sumac is not real. The correct color of the sumac is red. The Turkish preparation gives the purple shade. When selling a real sumac, a reputable spice shop presents a basket with clusters of sumac outside the store proves its quality. There are good shops in the Upper Galilee above Carmiel.

There are a lot of fungi that are mostly poisonous to death, some others cause dialysis. Mushrooms cannot be identified by image. Mushroom fungus is underground. It is a creature between plant and animal. The above-ground fungus is a spore-propagating mechanism. Even when we identified the fungus as poisonous and did not collect, spores remain on our hands and it is dangerous. This mushroom has important hallmarks: a smooth leg without a ring, the leg stuck in the Nand. In the mushroom Arabic the cow's nose is called El Azli. Mushroom loves to live with plants growing in the fields. Nand is a good delicate edible mushroom for soup, and frying. Beneath sets pages. It has a whitish gray color.

Olive leaves lower blood pressure and cause good sleep. Cook 150 leaves in a liter of water. To bitterness. When you feel bitterness get out of the fire and keep in the fridge. Stir a cup in the inch of liquid and other water. A glass before bed which is very good. Translated with Google Translate

Stepping on the food. Why? The olive harvest happens in November. Some olives remain on the tree. These olives after drying and wrinkling lose bitterness and equal to edible, just like raisins. Hard and wrinkled olives should be distinguished from those that still retain the oils. So right under our feet there is instant and satisfying food. These olives are called sun olives. Translated with Google Translate

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Camps. Carob tree. Use a whole carob to make the carob juice. Allow the carobs to cool in cold water for 12 hours and then cook for 4 hours. Despite popular opinion, the seed does not weigh the same. Each seed has a weight of about 0.2 grams. It was called a carat that was used to measure weight. In addition, the extent of shoes was also measured by carob seed stocks. The length of the sole is measured by the width of the nuclei. 42 for example. The carob can be utilized 100%, also seeds and husks. Most carob. It's a great ingredient for a lot of stews. Harvesting took place in October and November. There is even a special name in the Arab culture for these months: Tishrin. Carob honey or dibs is carob syrup. Other than that it is a healthy delicacy. Antibacterial agents. Against apathy. The honeysuckle lives on from fatigue. Divide carob into pieces with shears soak 12 hours with water twice the volume of water. After filtering, boil water for 5 hours on high heat. There are different varieties of carobs. Dry them in the oven or in the sun and then grind. This is how carob flour is produced. With making flour take out seeds. Translated with Google Translate

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Crucify. All plants have many flowers. Each small flower has a cross shape. All plants are cross-country-edible. If we detected such a flower, the plant could be eaten. During the year when there is no flowering, it is not possible to identify through the flower but must be identified through the leaves. The leaves are violin. Most of the leaves of these plants have a kind of head and hands and more hands. You can stroke the leaf and feel it has roughness. They all have mustard oil that gives a pungent smell. When using the stem there is a mustard flavor. Radical scent. The plant is called white mustard. He has white spikes. What part of the plant can be eaten? The Law of Energy Flow says: The part where the plant invests energy that part is worthy of food. Translated with Google Translate

Marcolian is confused with a goose spoon. This plant is a registered aid plant. The plant facilitates nettle burning. Stir the stem until the juice comes out and place on the affected area. Translated with Google Translate

A very young chrysanthemum resembles Savion's leaf. Both are cut. Savion precedes to bloom. He is one of the poison plants for the chrysanthemum nation. Translated with Google Translate

Sorrel is the lemon in nature. Granny There is a method to cook loaf. Bluff has oxalic acid. This is what gives the sour taste. Translated with Google Translate

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Nettle is the most cultivated plant in the country. multi vitamin. Iron, vitamin к, more iron annoyance. Any problem with blood diseases - nettle helps. Also helps against pain. Burning is the only problem. Hair on the leaves and stalk are stony and fragile. When they break down the acid stings. Hairs are on the top of the ascendant. The acid is an ant. Nettle is also an immune system booster. Tamar and banana nettle in a blender is a great drink. By sprucing up the leaf on the side that the lack of hairs can be eaten the living leaf. Mayha breaks the acid hairs out and evaporates and there is no problem eating the leaf.

No triangle. The stem is triangular. Lateral lateral is seen to be triangular. The leaves are spread on the ground. Two three leaves have no garlic. The garlic is sweetly flavored. Make it a salad. Translated with Google Translate

Asparagus grove. From it they made the supermarket asparagus. The plant wicker is the important part. The scraps should be picked in the soft part and not in the hard place. The amount of asparagus cleanses the kidney and urinary system. It is a strong ammonia scent. There are commercial collections for cancer research. Translated with Google Translate

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rue. Believe that the pygmy plant has a demon. Piggy bush smuggling demons. It has a demon that has a very strong smell. In the Middle Ages because of the thing put in his pocket and it kept the rats away. Pigment adds a very nice flavor to olive oil. Some branches are enough for a jar. Olive oil with leaves of excellent scaffold for special cooking. An interesting feature is that it is picked at night. A day in the sun can be burnt aromatics. Translated with Google Translate

Despite the exquisite beauty, the daffodil flower has toxic acid. This is why wildlife does not touch this plant. Even before putting the daffodils in a bouquet with other flowers, they should be soaked in water for a day. Translated with Google Translate

A few independent steps aside brought me to cute backlogs. They may be reminiscent of the Arab village called Ein Ghazal which means Ein Zvi. This name gave the name to two towns of Ofer - he is the son of the deer and Ein Ayala - Ofer is also her son. Translated with Google Translate

Free time to gather Translated with Google Translate

Raw bitter almonds are poisonous. Fifty nuts can easily turn into a lethal dose. At the same time, almond flavor encourages appetite. About 80% of the world's almond crop is harvested in the United States. Mostly in California. Translated with Google Translate

Nand Mushrooms Translated with Google Translate

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Herbal tea - Herbal tea helps with chills and if you drink before drinking alcohol, it prevents you from getting drunk. Before us are cupmarks of various acorns. Found oak is small. His cup has small spikes. Tannin is present in all acorns. Tanin helps to process leather. The tannin breaks down the proteins. In the wine production process, oak barrels are used to give tannin. Tabor oak acorns are larger and their cups have curly spines. Preparing acorn flour is a long and complex process. In the acorn spike, the highest concentration of tannin is present. Crack the acorn with the knife when cutting the soft foundation. From there continue with the knife towards the spade. Peel and clean the brown layer. Until you get the white acorn. Scratch in the smallest grater.

Embedding. Small shrub above and an underground plant. The smell of shitake casserole. Gives a special flavor to any dish that has mushrooms. Janbott's fruits are harvested in July-August.

Pickle - a flower from South America. Three hearts are connected at the apex. Similar to the clover. Translated with Google Translate

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