Pinsteps. Discovering Herbal Teas and Unique Plants in Ofer Forest
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Herbal tea, known for its ability to ward off chills and even prevent intoxication when consumed before alcohol, is just one of the forest's natural treasures.

In the realm of acorns, the small Tabor oak stands out with its cup of curly spines, while its larger counterpart contains high tannin concentrations, crucial in leather processing and wine aging in oak barrels. Making acorn flour involves a meticulous process of cracking, peeling, and grating to isolate the white inner part.

Exploring further, we find a plant with a shitake-like aroma, offering a unique flavor to mushroom dishes. Janbott's fruits, another forest find, are harvested in July-August.

Lastly, the Pickle flower, native to South America, is recognizable by its three heart-shaped parts connected at the apex, resembling clover. Each of these elements contributes to the rich botanical diversity of Ofer Forest, offering a blend of culinary and practical uses.

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Culinary Adventures in Ofer Forest: A Journey of Discovery and Cooking

A Gathering and Cooking Workshop in Ofer Forest: Exploring the Rich Flavors of Nature. Dive into the world of wild edibles with a focus on acorns, carbs, nettle, and garlic. Discover the art of creating herbal tea using five unique ingredients and crafting stews with incredible tastes. Experience the joy of connecting with nature through culinary exploration.

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