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Herbal tea - Herbal tea helps with chills and if you drink before drinking alcohol, it prevents you from getting drunk. Before us are cupmarks of various acorns. Found oak is small. His cup has small spikes. Tannin is present in all acorns. Tanin helps to process leather. The tannin breaks down the proteins. In the wine production process, oak barrels are used to give tannin. Tabor oak acorns are larger and their cups have curly spines. Preparing acorn flour is a long and complex process. In the acorn spike, the highest concentration of tannin is present. Crack the acorn with the knife when cutting the soft foundation. From there continue with the knife towards the spade. Peel and clean the brown layer. Until you get the white acorn. Scratch in the smallest grater.

Embedding. Small shrub above and an underground plant. The smell of shitake casserole. Gives a special flavor to any dish that has mushrooms. Janbott's fruits are harvested in July-August.

Pickle - a flower from South America. Three hearts are connected at the apex. Similar to the clover. Translated with Google Translate

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Pick-up and cooking in the Ofer Forest, January 16, 2020

Bar Likut, Barak Sagi and Anat Columbus. A gathering and cooking workshop in the Ofer Forest. Acorns and carobs, nettle and garlic, herbal tea based on five surprising ingredients and stews for amazing tastes. Bar Likut - Flavors of Nature: 050-7625020 Established by Barak Sagi, a certified cultivation teacher, guide to wild plants and edible mushrooms, facilitates cooking workshops and flavors of wild plants, and a storyteller. Translated with Google Translate

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