Pinsteps. The Ofer Forest parking lot
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Start your day drinking tea. It is a special tea. It has 5 ingredients: cinnamon, apple, ginger, sumac, cardamom. Preparation: 2, 3 cardamom leaves, 8-9 apples, half a sumac sumac. Cardamom bush has green leaves. Purple sumac is not real. The correct color of the sumac is red. The Turkish preparation gives the purple shade. When selling a real sumac, a reputable spice shop presents a basket with clusters of sumac outside the store proves its quality. There are good shops in the Upper Galilee above Carmiel.

There are a lot of fungi that are mostly poisonous to death, some others cause dialysis. Mushrooms cannot be identified by image. Mushroom fungus is underground. It is a creature between plant and animal. The above-ground fungus is a spore-propagating mechanism. Even when we identified the fungus as poisonous and did not collect, spores remain on our hands and it is dangerous. This mushroom has important hallmarks: a smooth leg without a ring, the leg stuck in the Nand. In the mushroom Arabic the cow's nose is called El Azli. Mushroom loves to live with plants growing in the fields. Nand is a good delicate edible mushroom for soup, and frying. Beneath sets pages. It has a whitish gray color.

Olive leaves lower blood pressure and cause good sleep. Cook 150 leaves in a liter of water. To bitterness. When you feel bitterness get out of the fire and keep in the fridge. Stir a cup in the inch of liquid and other water. A glass before bed which is very good. Translated with Google Translate

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Pick-up and cooking in the Ofer Forest, January 16, 2020

Bar Likut, Barak Sagi and Anat Columbus. A gathering and cooking workshop in the Ofer Forest. Acorns and carobs, nettle and garlic, herbal tea based on five surprising ingredients and stews for amazing tastes. Bar Likut - Flavors of Nature: 050-7625020 Established by Barak Sagi, a certified cultivation teacher, guide to wild plants and edible mushrooms, facilitates cooking workshops and flavors of wild plants, and a storyteller. Translated with Google Translate

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