Pinsteps. Ofer Forest's Natural Wonders: Exploring Herbal Tea and Healing Remedies
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To start your day, consider a unique tea blend with five ingredients: cinnamon, apple, ginger, sumac, and cardamom. For preparation, use 2-3 cardamom leaves, 8-9 apples, and half a sumac. Note that true sumac is red, not purple - the latter often results from Turkish processing methods. Authentic sumac can often be identified by the presence of sumac clusters outside reputable spice shops, particularly in the Upper Galilee region above Carmiel.

Be cautious with wild mushrooms, as many are poisonous, and some can cause severe health issues. Identification should not be based solely on images, as the key characteristics of mushrooms, such as a smooth stem without a ring and its association with certain plants, are crucial for safe foraging. For example, the 'Nand' mushroom, known as El Azli in Arabic, is a good edible variety suitable for soups and frying.

For health benefits, consider olive leaves, which can lower blood pressure and aid in sleep. Boil 150 leaves in a liter of water until it acquires a bitter taste, then remove from heat and refrigerate. Dilute a cup of this concentrated liquid with water and drink before bed for optimal benefits.

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Culinary Adventures in Ofer Forest: A Journey of Discovery and Cooking

A Gathering and Cooking Workshop in Ofer Forest: Exploring the Rich Flavors of Nature. Dive into the world of wild edibles with a focus on acorns, carbs, nettle, and garlic. Discover the art of creating herbal tea using five unique ingredients and crafting stews with incredible tastes. Experience the joy of connecting with nature through culinary exploration.

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