Pinsteps. Carob Wonders in Ofer Forest: From Traditional Uses to Culinary Delights
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The carob tree, an integral part of the forest's ecosystem, offers a plethora of uses. To make carob juice, soak whole carobs in cold water for 12 hours, then cook for 4 hours. Contrary to popular belief, carob seeds do not have a uniform weight; each averages around 0.2 grams. Historically, they were used as a measure for weight (carats) and even to size shoes, with the length of the sole measured by the width of the seeds.

The carob tree is fully utilizable, from seeds to husks, making it a versatile ingredient for various stews. Harvest occurs in October and November, months referred to as 'Tishrin' in Arab culture. Carob syrup, also known as 'dibs', is a healthy delicacy with antibacterial properties and energy-boosting qualities. To prepare, cut carob into pieces, soak in water, then boil the filtered water. Different varieties of carobs exist, each with unique properties. Carob flour is produced by drying the carobs and grinding them, with seeds removed, offering yet another culinary application of this remarkable tree.

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Culinary Adventures in Ofer Forest: A Journey of Discovery and Cooking

A Gathering and Cooking Workshop in Ofer Forest: Exploring the Rich Flavors of Nature. Dive into the world of wild edibles with a focus on acorns, carbs, nettle, and garlic. Discover the art of creating herbal tea using five unique ingredients and crafting stews with incredible tastes. Experience the joy of connecting with nature through culinary exploration.

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