Pinsteps. Asparagus Grove Insights in Ofer Forest
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The wild asparagus grove in Ofer Forest is the origin of the cultivated supermarket variety. The tender wicker, or shoot, is the most valuable part of the plant. When foraging, it's crucial to harvest the asparagus at the soft, not the hard, part of the shoot.

Asparagus is renowned for its health benefits, particularly for cleansing the kidneys and urinary system. It is characterized by a strong ammonia scent, especially noticeable after consumption. Additionally, asparagus is the subject of commercial collections for cancer research, highlighting its potential medicinal properties and its significance in both culinary and scientific communities.

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Culinary Adventures in Ofer Forest: A Journey of Discovery and Cooking

A Gathering and Cooking Workshop in Ofer Forest: Exploring the Rich Flavors of Nature. Dive into the world of wild edibles with a focus on acorns, carbs, nettle, and garlic. Discover the art of creating herbal tea using five unique ingredients and crafting stews with incredible tastes. Experience the joy of connecting with nature through culinary exploration.

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