Places to visit in Pano Akourdaleia, Kathikas, Peyia, Akoursos, Timi, Acheleia

Cyprus: Picturesque villages of the west coast


We started a route at the Energy Islands Resort Hotel and set out on the west coast through villages near the famous Akmas area. Katiks village is known for a special grape variety, the village of St. Giorgios - a place of tranquility and the west coast - through a picturesque way to the airport. Translated with Google Translate

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Local restaurants in the village of Katikas are considered throughout the area. The village is ancient and famous thanks to the preservation of the traditional way of life. Here in the courtyard of the restaurant we parked and went out for a short bus ride in the picturesque village. Parking is free and not just for restaurant guests :) Translated with Google Translate

This is a restaurant courtyard recommended by various guides. We did not taste - we arrived in the morning and it is not the peak hour of activity and vigor :) Translated with Google Translate

This is the Church of the Annunciation. It was renovated in the early 19th century and is now the main church of the village. On the west side near the entrance is the gospel icon in which the angel Gabriel announces to St. Mary that she has been chosen to bear the word of God in flesh and blood. The event happened in Nazareth and this is how the Christian Joshua was born. Translated with Google Translate

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The Rural Museum and a monument to key figures in Cyprus during the reign of military personnel on the eve of the Turkish invasion in 1974. After Britain left the island and the declaration of Cyprus' independence in 1960, the Greek Christian and Turkish island population received relative representation in the institutions of the young republic but the issue was not clear and the country imposed Greek extremist elements until Turkey's invasion in 1974 and the division of the island into 1974. And the Turkish North. The village had a population exchange and the Turkish residents lived to the north. Translated with Google Translate

The local council advertises hiking trails in the area and offers wine tours among local winemakers. Translated with Google Translate

The white vines around the village are considered the best in the whole island of Cyprus. The name of the famous variety is Xinisteri. Translated with Google Translate

Life seemed to have stopped reigning in this village and tradition was felt everywhere. The half-open doors invited us to look and listen and it was understood that a radio point is the media media of the village to this day Translated with Google Translate

Beautiful view of the sea while looking at a green field of the blooming spring days. The area is full of private fields cultivated by local villagers. To find a wheat field in this place is quite rare, the area is abundant with vines mainly, but differences in height from about 600 meters at the observation point to about 300 meters in the field area explain the difference in crops. Translated with Google Translate

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Observation towards the wadi to the east - you can clearly see the limestone rock mixed with rock of basaltic origin. Cyprus is an island that stands on the confluence of two tectonic plates - the European and the Asian and this caused the island to rise and form. In the center rise the mountain range that reaches a height of almost 2000 meters above sea level. This crust also forms an ancient bottom of the ancient Tatis Ocean. Translated with Google Translate

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Picturesque and beautiful (free) parking above the beautiful Gulf of Drifano. It is one of the oldest ports in Cyprus. A port has existed here since ancient times, when ships laden with wheat from Egypt stopped on their way to ancient Greece. The view here is fascinating and invites you to take countless pictures. Down are a number of paths through which you can reach a system of branched caves which are located just below the parking lot. These caves are burial caves just like burial caves in the country. Translated with Google Translate

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St. George's Church is a relatively young church. It was built in a distinctly Orthodox style in 1928. The figure of St. George is very common in Cyprus (his burial place is in the country in the city of Lod) and is the second among the saints martyred in Cyprus after St. Mary. It is customary according to local tradition to ask in prayer in the church for the invention of mates - a kind of sending of the other side of the worshiper - the completion of a soul. When I took another picture, I saw two elderly people enter the church and light a candle. Across the road is a historic ancient church. In the nearby area, impressive excavations were conducted in which a city from ancient times was discovered, which stood above the ancient port. The city prospered in the days of ancient Rome and ceased to exist with the Muslim conquest in the 7th century. Translated with Google Translate

A restaurant with a mesmerizing view. Quiet. Peace. Everything comes to mind in front of a quiet sea view, sunlight and blue sky. We tasted calvados - it is huge compared to what is sold in the country, it swims in honey and it is delicious in levels! Simple and delicious restaurant meals - everything fished in the fishing port below - you can just put on the fire and enjoy! Translated with Google Translate

Ceramic store. Everything is handmade (at least according to the owner) and he is probably right! Mugs of various sizes are coated with glaze, traditional whistles that fill with water and create bird sound, bowls and more. Beautiful and original things. Translated with Google Translate

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Super on the road. Before a flight there is always an urge to buy something local to bring home. While being convinced that we are all one big village, one can recognize original things that are really related to the place. For example, pitas - different breads from what we sell in the country, but with the same taste. Seafood and fish Huge and varied selection. Everything is fresh and inviting! Local cheeses in a large selection and an interesting invention of olives in bags. Also Tziziki - a good addition to the shopping basket that is taken to Israel! Translated with Google Translate

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Adonis factories. A must visit place. An access road looks bumpy, but everywhere it is written to fit all vehicles. We did not dare to get on this road by car (sorry we had a car), but to our amazement we saw a similar vehicle coming off the road and getting on an asphalt road. These were tourists from London and said it was possible to get through without any problems. The trip to the waterfalls is about 3 kilometers and the place is worth every effort. But ... were before the flight and we did not take a risk. We continued to the field without reaching the Adonis factories. Translated with Google Translate

Last gas station before entering Patos Airport. The cost of a lead-free liter of 95 is 1.2 euros. In total we traveled 4 days and fuel for each period cost only 18 euros. Pay with a ticket at the box office inside. Translated with Google Translate

His vehicle was small, with a manual transmission. I have not driven with a manual gear for a long time, let alone the steering wheel and the gears have to be moved with the left hand. But I got used to it quickly and the cost of renting for 4 days of $ 70 made up for every minute of getting used to the challenge! Translated with Google Translate

The field in pathos is small and orderly. Everything that is expected from a field works well and within 40 minutes of boarding a plane you land in Tel Aviv - it's really beautiful! Translated with Google Translate

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