Pinsteps. Agios Georgios, Pajia

St. George's Church is a relatively young church. It was built in a distinctly Orthodox style in 1928. The figure of St. George is very common in Cyprus (his burial place is in the country in the city of Lod) and is the second among the saints martyred in Cyprus after St. Mary. It is customary according to local tradition to ask in prayer in the church for the invention of mates - a kind of sending of the other side of the worshiper - the completion of a soul. When I took another picture, I saw two elderly people enter the church and light a candle. Across the road is a historic ancient church. In the nearby area, impressive excavations were conducted in which a city from ancient times was discovered, which stood above the ancient port. The city prospered in the days of ancient Rome and ceased to exist with the Muslim conquest in the 7th century. Translated with Google Translate

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Cyprus: Picturesque villages of the west coast

We started a route at the Energy Islands Resort Hotel and set out on the west coast through villages near the famous Akmas area. Katiks village is known for a special grape variety, the village of St. Giorgios - a place of tranquility and the west coast - through a picturesque way to the airport. Translated with Google Translate

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