Pinsteps. An observation point near Katix

Observation towards the wadi to the east - you can clearly see the limestone rock mixed with rock of basaltic origin. Cyprus is an island that stands on the confluence of two tectonic plates - the European and the Asian and this caused the island to rise and form. In the center rise the mountain range that reaches a height of almost 2000 meters above sea level. This crust also forms an ancient bottom of the ancient Tatis Ocean. Translated with Google Translate

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Cyprus: Picturesque villages of the west coast

We started a route at the Energy Islands Resort Hotel and set out on the west coast through villages near the famous Akmas area. Katiks village is known for a special grape variety, the village of St. Giorgios - a place of tranquility and the west coast - through a picturesque way to the airport. Translated with Google Translate

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