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Before a flight, there's always an urge to buy something local to bring home. While believing we are all one big village, you can find unique items genuinely tied to the place. For example, pitas are different from what we have back home but have the same delicious taste. The selection of seafood and fish is vast and varied, all fresh and inviting. There are also many local cheeses and an exciting find—olives in bags. Don't forget to add some tzatziki to your shopping basket for a perfect addition to your return to Israel!

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Cyprus: Picturesque villages of the west coast

We began our journey at the Energy Islands Resort Hotel and headed west along the coast, passing through villages near the famous Akamas Peninsula. The village of Kathikas is known for its special grape variety, while the village of St. George is a peaceful haven. We continued along the scenic west coast, eventually reaching the airport.

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