Pinsteps. Parking in the fishing village of St. George, Cyprus

Picturesque and beautiful (free) parking above the beautiful Gulf of Drifano. It is one of the oldest ports in Cyprus. A port has existed here since ancient times, when ships laden with wheat from Egypt stopped on their way to ancient Greece. The view here is fascinating and invites you to take countless pictures. Down are a number of paths through which you can reach a system of branched caves which are located just below the parking lot. These caves are burial caves just like burial caves in the country. Translated with Google Translate

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Cyprus: Picturesque villages of the west coast

We started a route at the Energy Islands Resort Hotel and set out on the west coast through villages near the famous Akmas area. Katiks village is known for a special grape variety, the village of St. Giorgios - a place of tranquility and the west coast - through a picturesque way to the airport. Translated with Google Translate

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