Pinsteps. Observation on the way from Katix to the west coast, Cyprus

Beautiful view of the sea while looking at a green field of the blooming spring days. The area is full of private fields cultivated by local villagers. To find a wheat field in this place is quite rare, the area is abundant with vines mainly, but differences in height from about 600 meters at the observation point to about 300 meters in the field area explain the difference in crops. Translated with Google Translate

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Cyprus: Picturesque villages of the west coast

We started a route at the Energy Islands Resort Hotel and set out on the west coast through villages near the famous Akmas area. Katiks village is known for a special grape variety, the village of St. Giorgios - a place of tranquility and the west coast - through a picturesque way to the airport. Translated with Google Translate

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