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From the very north to the south beach you can walk only an hour by unhurried pace. But how many stories and discoveries are fraught with this genuinely magical seashore. Before you go carefully read the entire guide. After all, you need not only to know what is where but also to choose your different beach.

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Previously, there was a hotel here, which was later moved to the south, closer to Gordon Street, but many residents still call the beach Sheraton. The new name - Metzitsim - was taken from the cult Israeli comedy staged by Uri Zohar with Arik Einstein in the title role, which took place on this beach. Metzitsim in Hebrew means pry. The scene in the film shows how teenagers were spying in the showers. Recently, toilets and showers have been updated here, but the proximity of the beach to the airport lowers its popularity. By the way, the airport is closed in June 2019.

During the day here is very active. Many people go in for sports on outdoor exercise machines, there is a playground, people walk their dogs on a leash, and don’t forget to clean up after their favorites.

According to local residents, the advantages of the beach are that there is calm in the evenings, there are a good cafe and night lighting.

The most convenient is a place on the sand closer to the breakwater.

On the beach, you can rent a deck chair and sun umbrella. To do this, all the beaches of the city have a special box office. Showers and shower rooms free of charge.

Running, cycling, open-air gym, walking and swimming are the favorite activities of Tel Aviv residents. If earlier it was believed that the national sport in Israel is cooking and eating, today these activities have become the culinary arts. Sports activities have taken their place. The cycle path was made possible thanks to a donation from the Jim Spats family of Canada.

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South of Metzitzim beach is a separate beach. It serves ultra-Orthodox Jews, offering different bathing periods for men and women. The beach is open from dawn until 5 pm — women's days on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The entrance is for men only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. During Saturday from Friday evening to Saturday evening, the beach is not separate and is open to all men and women. The beach has everything you need for a good holiday. Sports ground, volleyball court, bar/restaurant. Rent sun chairs and umbrellas, tables and canopies. Swimming on the beach is allowed during the working hours of lifeguards.

This beach is for dog owners and their four-legged friends. This beach is the only place on the shores of Tel Aviv where owners can let their dogs off the leash. There are awnings from the sun and even a unique shower for dogs. Swimming for people on this beach is prohibited.

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Hilton beach derives its name from the next Hilton hotel, but local guys often call it Atzmaut beach. The beach got its name because of its proximity to the park Atzmaut - Independence Park. This forest park area next to the Hilton Hotel stands on a cliff overlooking the coast. Park Atzmaut offers an outdoor gym, a children's playground, and a favorite dog park. Hilton Beach is divided into three sections and therefore is an ideal place for various people with diverse interests: Tel Aviv's doggy beach, Gay Beach is a place that in Tel Aviv is called a friendly gay beach. There are a lot of same-sex couples; this beach is full of energy, music, and a positive mood. Also, this beach offers excellent surfing.

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Hilton Beach is a beautiful beach equipped with all the amenities. This place is excellent for surfing, there is a surfing shop nearby, and you can also hire equipment. Here they ride at any time of the day or night. Hilton Beach is the northern part of the beaches of Tel Aviv, right across the street from the Hilton hotel. This famous beach offers entertainment, relaxation and is known for its fantastic location. The beach provides a delicious ice cream shop, a clothing store, and a surf shop. It boasts a beautiful seaside cafe with comfortable seating where you can drink coffee and beer. In addition to showers and changing rooms, there are luggage rooms where you can leave things and feel free.

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This part of the Tel Aviv waterfront was distant and poorly lit in the 1930s. On June 16, 1933, Haim Arlozorov was shot at this place. In the evening he walked along the sea with his girlfriend, Sima. Two strangers crept up behind them and the one that was shorter shot in the stomach. Arlozorov died from blood loss. Arlozorov was born in the Russian Empire in 1899. He lived and studied in Berlin. The ideas of Zionism inspired Chaim and soon became an activist and ardent preacher. One of Haim’s ardent followers was Martha Behrend, Goebbels’s future wife. Some say that if they had not broken up, Magda would have settled on a kibbutz and would have defended her house with a weapon in one hand and a bible in the other. After Hitler came to power and led an open anti-Semitic policy, Arlozorov began an active campaign to rescue the Jews of Germany. In terms of the global economic boycott of Germany, he initiated an agreement to buy and sell German goods in exchange for allowing Jews to leave the country. This move has caused a storm of indignation from his political opponents. The British Palestinian Authority arrested on suspicion of murder several people who were political opponents of Arlozorov. But they were released due to lack of evidence. Arlozorov's sister believed that the killers had sent Goebbels.

It is nice to stay here and sit on the bench. Parrots live amid these tall and beautifully trimmed palms. Their Twitter, the sun and the breath of the sea will make your walk along the promenade.

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The marina was established in the early 1970s and was the first marina in Israel. At first, they build docks create electricity and water infrastructures then the boats and yachts entered the space. The marina founders were Michal and Giora Kedar, who received the operating license from the Atarim company in 1971. In 2010, the marina underwent extensive renovations in the field of water and electricity infrastructure and the maritime area. Floating docks were installed in the marina, as well as new and economic power systems and points. The breakwater was renovated to prevent waves from entering the storms, and a new promenade was built on its back for the benefit of many residents and tourists. Today it is the largest marina in Israel with 400 yachts.

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The Gordon pool is built on a wooden deck with an open view to the sea and the pier. This pool is the most famous pool in the city. The real symbol of Tel Aviv, the meeting place of the urban bohemia. In the pool "Gordon" mineral-rich water from a clean sea source, located at a depth of about 150 meters. Cold salt water enters it from the seabed. On the territory of the beach “Gordon,” there are three pools - a 50-meter pool for adults, a pool for children and a “paddling pool” with water games for the little ones. Comfortable, wooden sun beds, large umbrellas, shower, water, coffee. Wash, clean and change the water in the pool EVERY EVENING. This is an excellent alternative to the beach. Great view, good service.

Here is the box office pool Gordon. The swimming pool and the beach are named after the street adjoining them - one of the most critical traffic arteries of the city. Aaron David Gordon was born in the Russian Empire and was a philosopher of early Zionism. He moved to Turkish Palestine, worked at the winery in the Rishon lesion, and near the end of his life he settled in the kibbutz Degania.

Here begins the pedestrian path to the breakwater of the largest marina in Israel. You can walk to the lighthouse and come back - this is a pleasant walk.

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Gordon Beach Tel Aviv. This beach is famous for its volleyball courts. This kind of sport is prevalent here. Here are competitions between local teams. The beach includes toilets, a cold shower, a volleyball court, a gym, a playground, a bar/restaurant, sun loungers & umbrellas, nightly lights, water sports, a fishing spot, and a separate paid parking — popular beach among tourists. Admission is free, and the beach is located near the most popular hotels. Here you can rent deck chairs and umbrellas; there are a paddle track and a playground for children, there is also a gym, nearby there is a park and a playground for dogs. Authorities regularly clean the beach. Bathing is allowed only during the working hours of rescuers. Do not bring glassware to avoid injuries and use personal ashtrays situated in the service area.

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Frishman Beach is one of the most crowded beaches in Tel Aviv. Getting to the beach is very easy, it is located at the end of Frishman street. Frishman Street is named after David Frishman, a Jewish publicist, writer, and translator. Rescue services work here in the winter, so the beach is open to visitors all year round. On Frishman beach, there are many tourists from different countries of the world, as it is located in the heart of the tourist zone and the Tel Aviv hotel area. Like on the other beaches of Tel Aviv, there are showers, changing rooms, lockers, first aid station. Sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented.

The first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion was born in the Russian Empire. He began his life in Turkish Palestine as a loader. He was a physically strong and trained man. In the first years after the establishment of the state of Israel, the parliament and the residence of the head of government were located in Tel Aviv. David Ben Gurion loved to start his day by doing exercises on the seashore. Each exercise ended with a headstand.

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Altalena was a ship purchased in the summer of 1947 by the Irgun – the Zionist paramilitary organization that operated in Mandate Palestine between 1931 and 1948. The ship sailed to Israel in June 1948, carrying about 940 immigrants, large military equipment and medical equipment. The ship reached the shores of Israel during the War of Independence, about five weeks after the establishment of the State of Israel and three weeks after the Irgun agreed to disarm and to integrate into the IDF. Ben Gurion demanded that the Irgun leadership give up weapons and ammunition from the ship to the Israel Defense Forces. Menachem Begin demanded that 20% of the guns remained in the hands of Irgun. After the immigrants went ashore in the area of Kfar Vitkin (north of Netanya), the disagreement between Irgun and the Israel Defense Forces reached an armed clash. People died, and the country stood on the threshold of a fratricidal war. Altalena left the shores of Kfar Vitkin and set off towards Tel Aviv. After unsuccessful attempts at a peaceful resolution of the conflict on the beaches of Tel Aviv, on the orders of Ben Gurion, the guns fired at Altalena, the ship caught fire and ran aground. During the shortest civil war in history, 16 members of the Irgun, three soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, were killed. Dozens were injured. Events lasted two days. Later about 200 Irgun members were arrested. Irgun was disbanded, and his soldiers were recruited into the army of defense of Israel. To this day, the controversy surrounding this story has not abated. One thing is clear to all: the young country was on the verge of a fratricidal war, and, fortunately, this did not happen.

Sun, sea, sand. What else you need for a wonderful holiday? This beach has everything to make your vacation even more comfortable. Clean beach, free entry, there are locker rooms, cold showers, lifeguards who are ready to provide first aid. This beach is open at night. Nice to walk in the evening on the beach or sit in a restaurant on the beach. Please be aware that swimming and busing are allowed only during the lifeguard working hours.

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Stunning wide beach in the center of Tel Aviv. Here you can swim, sunbathe, play volleyball or engage in another sport. There is also a gym on the beach. The beach is suitable for families with children, there is a playground. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches. However, it should be noted that since the beach is located near hotels, the beach is filled with people, especially in the summer season. If you are interested in history, then in 1939, ships arrived to this coast with illegal Jewish refugees from Europe. Why "Neo"? Because the British authorities did not consider that Hitler’s Nazi regime threatened the Jews and did not issue entry visas to Eretz Israel. One of these ships with refugees was obstrilyan British authorities. Illegal immigrant prisoners were relocated to a camp for illegal immigrants. However, soon, with the help of the Jewish underground in Palestine, an escape was organized, and the Bielec issued forged documents. These were the lucky ones who managed to find salvation. Most of European Jewry perished in the Holocaust.

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This is an ideal place for those who love a relaxing holiday, and at the same time spend time with benefit. This beach is named after the cafe, which is located on the beach. There is always a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, you can always sit at a table sipping a cooling cocktail right on the beach. During sports matches, put up a big screen. Anyone can watch the match for free.

On this beach there is usually a relaxed atmosphere, despite the fact that here you can always play volleyball on the court or bring children for whom all the conditions are. As a rule, in the summer season in Israel is very hot, so you can always rent deck chairs, umbrellas, canopies for a small price.

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Almost every beach has a container for plastic bottles and containers for separate garbage. If a glass bottle is among your belongings, you can always leave it at the entrance to the beach, and then pick it up. Aviv Beach is located on the southern part of the Tel Aviv embankment and is close to the Carmel Market and Charles Clore Park. Also, this beach got the nickname “the beach of the drums” because of the numerous drummers who gather here on Fridays. This beach is a famous beach. It has all the amenities for your holiday: rent chairs and umbrellas, tables and awnings. A rescue team works at the beach who are always ready to provide first aid. On this beach, you will often meet athletes who are engaged in kite surfing. Kitesurfing or kiteboarding or kiting is a sport, the basis of which is movement under the action of traction force developed by a kite (held by a sportsman) and controlled by an athlete. Sport is becoming more popular from year to year. Due to innovations in the design of kites, improved management systems and the development of schools kitesurfing instructors significantly increased the safety of this sport.

This official memorial commemorade the The terrorist attack at the Dolphin Disco (“Dolphinarium”) (Hebrew. הפיגוע בדולפינריום) is a terrorist act carried out by a Hamas suicide bomber [1] [2] [3] who blew himself up in a crowd of teenagers on 1 June 2001 at the entrance to the club-disco on the quay of Tel Aviv. As a result of the terrorist attack, 21 people died, 120 injured.

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The not an official memorial was spontaneously rised up at the place of terrorist attack. Dolphin Disco opened its doors on November 17, 2000, on the Tel Aviv embankment near the former Tel Aviv Dolphinarium. Owners and leaders of the disco Kirill Sushenok and Mikhail Serebryannikov. In the short time of its existence, the disco has become a favorite place for the entertainment of young people, mostly Russian-speaking. During the evening, 500-600 people visited it. On June 1, 2001, at 11:27 pm (local time), an Arab suicide bomber Said Houtori, a resident of the city of Qalqiliya, tried to enter into the Dolphin disco. Under his clothing, he bore a powerful explosive belt filled with metal balls, nails, and screws for a more lethal effect. The entrance guard drew attention to him and asked what he was going to do here. “To Dance,” answered the bomber. Then the suicide blew himself up amid the crowd at the entrance to the disco. Twenty-one people died, 120 were injured, some became disabled. Terrorist family received benefits from the official leadership of the Palestinian Authority.

The Charles Clare Park, located on the seafront, includes a complex of wooden entertainment facilities and spacious lawns suitable for relaxing and picnicking. The art center of Susan Dalal is located not far from Charles Clare Park, in the Neve Tzedek quarter. Nearby is an alley, designed for games and cycling, but not for picnics.

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