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Previously, there was a hotel here, which was later moved to the south, closer to Gordon Street, but many residents still call the beach Sheraton. The new name - Metzitsim - was taken from the cult Israeli comedy staged by Uri Zohar with Arik Einstein in the title role, which took place on this beach. Metzitsim in Hebrew means pry. The scene in the film shows how teenagers were spying in the showers. Recently, toilets and showers have been updated here, but the proximity of the beach to the airport lowers its popularity. By the way, the airport is closed in June 2019.

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From the very north to the south beach you can walk only an hour by unhurried pace. But how many stories and discoveries are fraught with this genuinely magical seashore. Before you go carefully read the entire guide. After all, you need not only to know what is where but also to choose your different beach.

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