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The marina was established in the early 1970s and was the first marina in Israel. At first, they build docks create electricity and water infrastructures then the boats and yachts entered the space. The marina founders were Michal and Giora Kedar, who received the operating license from the Atarim company in 1971. In 2010, the marina underwent extensive renovations in the field of water and electricity infrastructure and the maritime area. Floating docks were installed in the marina, as well as new and economic power systems and points. The breakwater was renovated to prevent waves from entering the storms, and a new promenade was built on its back for the benefit of many residents and tourists. Today it is the largest marina in Israel with 400 yachts.

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From the very north to the south beach you can walk only an hour by unhurried pace. But how many stories and discoveries are fraught with this genuinely magical seashore. Before you go carefully read the entire guide. After all, you need not only to know what is where but also to choose your different beach.

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