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Almost every beach has a container for plastic bottles and containers for separate garbage. If a glass bottle is among your belongings, you can always leave it at the entrance to the beach, and then pick it up. Aviv Beach is located on the southern part of the Tel Aviv embankment and is close to the Carmel Market and Charles Clore Park. Also, this beach got the nickname “the beach of the drums” because of the numerous drummers who gather here on Fridays. This beach is a famous beach. It has all the amenities for your holiday: rent chairs and umbrellas, tables and awnings. A rescue team works at the beach who are always ready to provide first aid. On this beach, you will often meet athletes who are engaged in kite surfing. Kitesurfing or kiteboarding or kiting is a sport, the basis of which is movement under the action of traction force developed by a kite (held by a sportsman) and controlled by an athlete. Sport is becoming more popular from year to year. Due to innovations in the design of kites, improved management systems and the development of schools kitesurfing instructors significantly increased the safety of this sport.

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From the very north to the south beach you can walk only an hour by unhurried pace. But how many stories and discoveries are fraught with this genuinely magical seashore. Before you go carefully read the entire guide. After all, you need not only to know what is where but also to choose your different beach.

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