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This part of the Tel Aviv waterfront was distant and poorly lit in the 1930s. On June 16, 1933, Haim Arlozorov was shot at this place. In the evening he walked along the sea with his girlfriend, Sima. Two strangers crept up behind them and the one that was shorter shot in the stomach. Arlozorov died from blood loss. Arlozorov was born in the Russian Empire in 1899. He lived and studied in Berlin. The ideas of Zionism inspired Chaim and soon became an activist and ardent preacher. One of Haim’s ardent followers was Martha Behrend, Goebbels’s future wife. Some say that if they had not broken up, Magda would have settled on a kibbutz and would have defended her house with a weapon in one hand and a bible in the other. After Hitler came to power and led an open anti-Semitic policy, Arlozorov began an active campaign to rescue the Jews of Germany. In terms of the global economic boycott of Germany, he initiated an agreement to buy and sell German goods in exchange for allowing Jews to leave the country. This move has caused a storm of indignation from his political opponents. The British Palestinian Authority arrested on suspicion of murder several people who were political opponents of Arlozorov. But they were released due to lack of evidence. Arlozorov's sister believed that the killers had sent Goebbels.

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