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There is such a wonderful place called Mitspe Amuka. Not every map has it! It is located in a pine forest by the road from Safed to Hazor haglilit. There are several houses for rent. In this small guidebook, this piece of paradise reveals its secrets.

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Abigail and Eli maintain three wooden cabins with fireplaces and a hot tub for rent. In addition, there is a heated pool, sauna, breakfast and the indescribable hospitality of the owners. People come here to relax without children, often in small groups of three couples. Translated with Google Translate

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Each house has a fireplace. No, do not think that this is for the sake of beauty or just comfort. Here, in a pine forest, it is cool even in summer, and at night you will sleep like a baby with the warmth of the fireplace, the smell of the pine board of a wooden house, and in the fresh air from a slightly open window. The house's veranda is the sweetest place to sit in the morning, when everything wakes up, with a cup of coffee or tea, contemplating the silence. Each house has a jacuzzi. It is filled in the evening, candles are lit, and this is after you bathed in the steam pool after sauna.

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Abigail and Eli once lived in Tel Aviv. Abigail was a marketing director for a large international company. One fine day, they realized that they did not have time to live. Everything was taken away by work. The couple left everything and went to South America. They adopted their only child and returned to Israel, looking for a place where they could put down roots and live with the meaning. Where you can walk barefoot on the ground, manage a farm, build a house, welcome guests, bake bread. So, they bought unfinished wooden houses and turned them into a guest complex. They made their dream a reality by doing what they love: hospitality. For breakfast, Abigail bakes traditional Moroccan bread, frena. Its recipe is simple: flour, yeast, and water—no need to knead. Just stir with a spoon and leave for 24 hours. Then bake in the oven.

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The Abigaille family is from Russia. Her mother spoke Russian and drank tea with gingerbread until the last day. Abigail's roots are from Poland. With the outbreak of World War II, her grandparents fled to the USSR. They remained there until the fifties. Part of the family settled in Tbilisi. Eli's parents are from Morocco. Eli builds with his own hands everything that is in their guest complex. Abigail creates coziness and fills the home with warmth.

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The modern settlement of Mitspe Amuka is only forty years old. It is located on the site of the Arab village of Ammuk. On the eve of the War of Independence, about one hundred and forty people lived there. During the fighting for Safed, the inhabitants of this village and other villages fled their homes. In 1980, a settlement began to be created, and mostly people of the self employed settled here. They created an indescribable pastoral atmosphere in which peace and tranquility reign. Basically, residents of Mitspe Amuka continue to work outside the settlement, but in addition to the guest business, they are also engaged in crafts, such as, for example, this ceramics studio.

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The history of Amuka goes back to the Mishna and Talmud period. (The centuries following the destruction of the Jerusalem temple by the Romans.) The settlement then located here was called Kfar Amiko. The crusaders mentioned a Jewish village near Safed, and the sixteenth century traveler Moshe Basula described Amuka as follows: “On horseback from Safed I went to explore the surroundings. There is the village of Amooka. The name is completely true - it is like a hollow between the hills. " Indeed, Amuka is located above the valleys of the Galilee and offers breathtaking views.

The slopes of the Naftali mountains are perfectly visible from here. They descend to the Hula Valley, and directly below us is the Dishon River Valley.

Amuka was planed as a very small community settlement that can accommodate a maximum of 15 families. 130 families now live in Amuka.

Another wonderful place in Amuka ok is the Itztrubal (Bump) farm. This is a horse ranch with guest houses. Walking in the woods on foot is wonderful, but for those who love and know how to ride a horse - forest exploration routes are just delightful!

The forest around the settlement is teeming with herbs, meadow flowers and beautiful hiking trails. It is good here at any time of the year.

So we returned to Abigail and Eli's houses. Here you can relax, forgetting about time.

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