Pinsteps. Alei Galil, Amuka

Each house has a fireplace. No, do not think that this is for the sake of beauty or just comfort. Here, in a pine forest, it is cool even in summer, and at night you will sleep like a baby with the warmth of the fireplace, the smell of the pine board of a wooden house, and in the fresh air from a slightly open window. The house's veranda is the sweetest place to sit in the morning, when everything wakes up, with a cup of coffee or tea, contemplating the silence. Each house has a jacuzzi. It is filled in the evening, candles are lit, and this is after you bathed in the steam pool after sauna.

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Evgeny Praisman
Mitspe Amuka

There is such a wonderful place called Mitspe Amuka. Not every map has it! It is located in a pine forest by the road from Safed to Hazor haglilit. There are several houses for rent. In this small guidebook, this piece of paradise reveals its secrets.

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