Pinsteps. Pottery Studio, Mitspe Amuka

The modern settlement of Mitspe Amuka is only forty years old. It is located on the site of the Arab village of Ammuk. On the eve of the War of Independence, about one hundred and forty people lived there. During the fighting for Safed, the inhabitants of this village and other villages fled their homes. In 1980, a settlement began to be created, and mostly people of the self employed settled here. They created an indescribable pastoral atmosphere in which peace and tranquility reign. Basically, residents of Mitspe Amuka continue to work outside the settlement, but in addition to the guest business, they are also engaged in crafts, such as, for example, this ceramics studio.

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Evgeny Praisman
Mitspe Amuka

There is such a wonderful place called Mitspe Amuka. Not every map has it! It is located in a pine forest by the road from Safed to Hazor haglilit. There are several houses for rent. In this small guidebook, this piece of paradise reveals its secrets.

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