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Today Le Grand Colbert is a Parisian brasserie that serves traditional dishes of French cuisine managed since 1992 by Joël Fleury, a former member of the Flo group. Initially, during its construction in 1637 commissioned by Guillaume Bauru, Count of Serrant, the building was a mansion. In 1665 it was sold to Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the famous minister of Louis XIV, then to Philippe d'Orléans in 1719. In1825 the manor was destroyed to the construction of the current building and the opening of the Colbert gallery. The name "Colbert" was kept until 1900 when it was transformed into a restaurant. In 1985, the National Library of France, the owner of the premises, initiated the renovation of the building in all its original details. We can find in this large room, of an impressive architectural volume, six-meter walls with sculpted pilasters, paintings in Pompeian style, and rare floor mosaics.

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Evgeny Praisman
Paris, as Parisians see it.

This amazing walk through the city streets will show us the way Parisians see Paris. Luxurious passages that were once considered luxury boutiques gave way to the Champs Elysees, but retained the charm. The city of the time of the King of the Sun - Louis the fourteenth will show us the famous Bursa and feed us with the most unusual street food. The era of magnificent baroque will end on Victory Square with a monument similar to the Bronze Horseman and a modern film about the small victories of boys and men. Moving to another part of the city through the most famous culinary store and elegant music school will show you the way Parisians love Paris. We will find ourselves in the Paris quarter Les Halles and we will understand why Emil Zola called this part of the city the Womb of Paris. Next, we will find a completely stunning center of Pompidou and the Stravinsky Fountain, which are likely to cause a lot of controversy in relation to contemporary art. Well, in conclusion, we look at the most pleasant interior design store and end our journey in the Jewish quarter of Marais. Paris, as Parisians see it.

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