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Shwarma or shuarma, as this dish is called in Israel, was born in the 19th century in the Middle East and very quickly spread throughout the cities and villages of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. The name means "to twirl" "to rotate" in Arabic and is a direct borrowing of the Turkish chevirme - to twist. The whole cooking method is based on the constant rotation of a vertical knitting needle on which puff pieces of meat are fried. Initially, only lamb meat was used. Over time, they began to use beef, veal, chicken and turkey meat. Local cooking traditions emerged in different parts of the Turkish Empire. For example, in Greece it is gyros, and in Mexico, where emigrants from the Middle East arrived, Shuarma became a dish Al fastor or Facos al Pastor. Even in Israel, there is a difference between the Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa cooking methods. Haifa is closer to the Lebanese recipe and retains the tradition of using lamb. Nimer is the Arabic equivalent of the Hebrew Namer - that is, cheetah. It is a very popular male Arabic Christian name in the north of the country and in Lebanon. When the phrase Shvarma Nimer is pronounced, it means that the meat will be lamb, it will be served in pita bread, in a thin pita bread - lafe, or in a French baguette. Seasonings will be - hummus, tkhina, but "amba" (liquid seasoning from pickled mango) and spicy skhug - this is already a tribute to the influences of Jaffa and Jerusalem.

Photo: By FotoosVanRobin from Netherlands - Endive Mash with Lamb ShawarmaUploaded by Partyzan_XXI, CC BY-SA 2.0, Photo: By cyclonebill - ShawarmaUploaded by Partyzan_XXI, CC BY-SA 2.0, Photo: By Hill93 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Translated with Google Translate

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Two hours in the lower town will discover the most popular street food in Haifa. A bit of history and how it all began, well, just taste what you like! Bon Appetit!

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