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This is one of the most famous restaurants of the German colony - Dojan restaurant. Its founder and owner Faadi has a difficult and interesting fate. Born in an Arab family and being an unconventional child, Faadi had a hard time. He wanted to be an architect, then a cook, then someone else, but most of all he wanted to be himself! Having gone to France, having lived there and spent many years there, Faadi returned home - here to this house and decided to devote himself and the whole place to the search for universal and authentic values, believing that there was no contradiction between these concepts. His house and his restaurant is a museum at the same time. Here you can find real ancient furniture, on the tables there are historical photos of Haifa from the beginning of the 20th century. The interior is full of replicas from the history of the German colony and the city as a whole. Stories of things, people, people and of course the kitchen. As Faadi himself says: “My mother simply cooked deliciously and only in France I understood what to do to make it happen.” The restaurant’s menu is an exceptional dish combining Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and French recipes. For example, a portion called rolatini: it is fried eggplant filled with goat cheese and olive oil with tomato sauce. Or as a main dish lamb ribs with rosemary sauce. From sweet brand is a drunken pear. It is a chocolate gravy pear cooked in red wine. Translated with Google Translate

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A walk through the German colony and the lower terrace of the Bahai gardens

The route starts from the Golden Crown Hotel and the City shopping center, runs up Ben Gurion Street through the houses of Schumacher and Olifant, the historic Colony Hotel, the lower terrace of Bahai Gardens, the Song Street, Dojan Restaurant, the burgher-style restaurant, the German Colony Community House and the current City Museum and ends at the bottom of the German colony at the intersection of Jaffa and Ben Gurion streets. Translated with Google Translate

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