Pinsteps. Eldjud Bakery and Restaurant, Usafia
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Aljud is a famous and highly respected bakery. Its fame is regarded not only in the Druze villages themselves, but also in Haifa, and the settlements of the valley at the foot of Mount Carmel. People come here in the morning to buy the freshest and delicious pastries. These are mostly fragrant loaves of bread with all sorts of additives and flavors, with a crispy crust and warmth, which is kept by the delicate dough for a long time until you come home and let it out into the silence of the house. Aljud dough is kneaded in machines, but in the morning, you can see real hand kneading. Bread is baked in the traditional Tabun oven. This oven is an earthen stove that came to us from biblical times. The conventional stove looks like a large truncated cone; at the bottom, there is a hole for firewood. The modern oven is a gas stove, built of bricks with clay walls. There is a small restaurant at the bakery. It looks like a few tables at which you will be served unpretentious but delicious and unusual food. It is wholly based on bread and breadcakes and resembles a mixture of Balkan and Italian cuisine. For example, something very similar to pizza, only from a slightly different dough and a completely different filling. Some loaves with cheese will remind you of Georgian khachapuri, and some others will remember sweet nazuki. Various types of baked eggplant, lots of herbs, spices, tomatoes, pickles, and eggs are the basis of a small family bakery restaurant. Baking and selling bread is a serious business led by the father of the family and his sons. Women follow the menu and the variety, but the restaurant looks like just a tasting room, where you are more likely to try different unusual things than to eat. Everything is unusually tasty, cordial, and home-like, as can only be done in authentic villages, where hospitality is a custom, traditions are a value, and bread is life.

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Nesher suspension bridges and Druze bread in Usafia

The Hanging Bridges are one of the most visited attractions in Nesher. People from all over the country come here to walk along the almost eighty-meter bridges. The trails are absolutely safe and well equipped. The entire park is built on one level. There are a kiosk and a small cafe in the park, but since you got here for the beauty of nature, do not deny yourself a real culinary delight - a bakery and a family restaurant in the neighboring Druze village of Usafia. Here hospitality is a custom, traditions are valued, and bread is life.

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