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Khachapuri - Georgian national food. The name consists of two words: hacha - cheese and puri - dough. Five different regions of Georgia are famous for the different ways of making khachapuri. For example, along with the classic khachapuri, there are lacharuli khachapuri with fried eggs, or Megrelian khachapuri - yeast dough with cheese filling and a layer - of fried crust cheese in the oven. Here, the real Georgian atmosphere and khachapuri are cooked loudly, with humor and noise, perfectly fitting into the general atmosphere of the famous Jerusalem market "Mahane Yehuda". On Friday, menb is distributed to the queue so that everyone can place an order. Then send an SMS message while you are walking around the market that your order is ready. Translated with Google Translate

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It was wonderful adventure! Translated with Google Translate

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