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Falafel Michel is a pleasant eatery and nearby is the famous Strudel, one of the legendary restaurants in the lower town. Its atmosphere is the business center of Haifa in the 60s and 70s. Its menu is a specialty of Northern (Lebanese) Arabic cuisine combined with good European traditions from the time of the British Empire. Locals say there is a special dish to be tasted here: Harek Osbao. This winter dish based on lentils and pomegranates is served with fried dough, onions and lots of coriander and garlic. They say that the dish got its name, meaning "burning in the fingers", because people cannot resist not starting to eat with their hands - they put their fingers in a pot, and immediately feel a burning sensation in their fingertips. Translated with Google Translate

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Haifa - underground and renovation

A mixture of former English colonial grandeur, long desolation and modern revival. Jaffa Street, the old port area and the current update in a good mix of stories and adventures that can only happen in a port city, where Germans, British, illegal immigrants and underground fighters left their mark. It will not do without the mythological Israeli car Susit, daring attacks by underground fighters, tragic flooding of ships, pubs, bars and restaurants, from traditional Mediterranean cuisine to a classic English pub or French restaurant. Let's go for a walk. Translated with Google Translate

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