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This store can be called a branch of the famous mvgazin in the heart of Market Makhane Judah. Simply, there are fewer people, more space, quieter, and you can choose from a while. The market of Mahne Yuda or simply “the market” - Shuk has many stories, and Basher Fromageri is the story of Cinderella. Since 1956, as many as two generations of the family of Eli Basher had a small restaurant on Mahna Yehuda, but Eli decided to take a different path. During a trip to France, he fell in love with the European culture of cheeses. Despite the fact that Eli grew up on traditional Jerusalem cuisine (and this family restaurant brought him the main means), he decided to take a chance and “bring the taste of Paris” to the very heart of the Jerusalem market. Basher Fromagerie is now well known outside of shuka and ranks among the best cheese shops in the country. Every month, Eli travels to Rungis, a huge wholesale market in the suburbs of Paris, to replenish his cheese empire with new varieties from Europe. Israeli dairy plants are also represented in the store. In addition to cheese, the store offers a variety of wines, imported beer, special sauces and seasonings, herring, Italian pasta, special types of bread and other high-quality delicacies. Translated with Google Translate

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My trip in Jerusalem of Jan 18, 2019

It was wonderful adventure! Translated with Google Translate

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