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This is a very interesting and special bakery. Its full name is Pat Steinbach Electric Bakery. There is both irony and wisdom in this name at the same time. At the beginning of the last century, the industrial face of business was fashionable and served into the hands of what is today called marketing. In 1922, a family of hereditary bakeries from Poland settled in a developing pearl by the sea - English Haifa and opened two bakeries. One on Adar on the first floor of his house, and the other here in the lower town - the heart of the English business world. Things were going well and Aba Pat, the grandfather of the current owner of Ofer's bakery, was proud to have an electric dough mixer. This is why the name mentions an electric bakery. Today the opposite is true. No industrial residue. Exclusively handmade and using natural yeast-free sourdough culture. So, over a hundred years, the bakery has gone from a big business to a small business boutique, which is known and appreciated not only in Haifa, but also in other cities of the country, where the Steinbachs opened their production. For example, the famous Jerusalem Lehem Pat or Lehem Pat in Ramat Gan. Pat bread is delicious, fragrant, based on homemade sourdough and selected varieties of wheat. Translated with Google Translate

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