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The intersection of Ben Gurion and Amagenim streets is the main intersection of the German Colony streets. It arose in the second half of the 19th century on the initiative of the Templlers, the German religious movement, who set themselves the task of opposing and developing the holy land. In the First World War, the British deported the local Germans to Egypt and only in the mid-20s allowed to finally return. In the 30s, here they openly spoke in support of Hitler and posters with slogans hung around the central square stating that entry to Jews and dogs was prohibited. With the beginning of the Second World War, the British deported the local German population to Australia and the Germans did not return here anymore. The State of Israel, created in 1948, did not know how to build and build relations with post-war Germany at all after the death of six million Jews in horror of the Holocaust. However, the then Prime Minister David Ben Gurion was able to build not only diplomatic relations with Germany, but also to convince the people of Israel that this was correct. At this intersection the first traffic light appeared in Haifa. Today, there is a Christmas tree and menorah. They, along with the crescent, are symbols of the Haifa coexistence of Christians, Jews and Muslims. A concept that has turned into a yearbook is a holiday called the Holiday of Holidays, when at the same time throughout the week in the last decade of December in Haifa, all three religions celebrate the holiday. Translated with Google Translate

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A walk through the German colony and the lower terrace of the Bahai gardens

The route starts from the Golden Crown Hotel and the City shopping center, runs up Ben Gurion Street through the houses of Schumacher and Olifant, the historic Colony Hotel, the lower terrace of Bahai Gardens, the Song Street, Dojan Restaurant, the burgher-style restaurant, the German Colony Community House and the current City Museum and ends at the bottom of the German colony at the intersection of Jaffa and Ben Gurion streets. Translated with Google Translate

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