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Even before the French Revolution in England, Sir Edward Gibbon described the concept of a sandwich. This man is known to all lovers of history thanks to his monumental work: "The Development and Fall of the Roman Empire" and is known to every culinary specialist thanks to the description of a sandwich: two slices of bread between which are sandwiched with slices of meat or other filling are called a sandwich. Not to be confused with a sandwich where there is only one slice of bread on which the filling is located. They say that a contemporary of Gibbon, an inveterate gambler John Montague, the Earl of Sandwich, invented this dish so as not to be distracted from the game and not to get your hands dirty. Be that as it may, the sandwich is more than 250 years old, its popularity is not diminishing, and the variety is only growing. Here, on Natanzon Street - the heart of the English business center, is one of the most popular sandwich bars in Haifa. Translated with Google Translate

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Evgeny Praisman
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Two hours in the lower town will discover the most popular street food in Haifa. A bit of history and how it all began, well, just taste what you like! Bon Appetit!

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