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The building of the modern hospice for pilgrims named after St. Charles is run by the nuns of the Rosary convention, founded by Christian Arabs in Jerusalem in 1880. This building was originally part of a large agricultural school complex created by Georg David Gardeg and his colleague Christoph Hoffmann, who were equipped by Templars from Württemberg to explore the Holy Land. They founded a school along the Jaffa Road. Subsequently, the main street of the colony, the modern Ben Gurion Avenue, was laid, and a garden remained from the school, which can be visited by going around the central building through the neighboring courtyard. Take a walk through this garden, in the center of it you will find a small statue of the Holy Virgin Mary in an artificial grotto made of special stones. It is customary to call them watermelons of Elijah the Prophet. Their geological structure is surprisingly simple and interesting. Under certain conditions, quartz grains that fall into the cuttings on a limestone rock begin to grow as a crystal, enveloped by a limestone rock. Over time, such a structure separates into a limestone ball, the interior of which has a crystalline structure. They say that long ago Ilya the Prophet asked the owner of the melon to treat him with a watermelon, but he turned out to be greedy and said: where did you find watermelons here? These are all stones. Well, stones - so stones, Ilya the Prophet answered, and the whole melon turned into stones. Hence the name Stones of Elijah the Prophet. Translated with Google Translate

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Haifa - underground and renovation

A mixture of former English colonial grandeur, long desolation and modern revival. Jaffa Street, the old port area and the current update in a good mix of stories and adventures that can only happen in a port city, where Germans, British, illegal immigrants and underground fighters left their mark. It will not do without the mythological Israeli car Susit, daring attacks by underground fighters, tragic flooding of ships, pubs, bars and restaurants, from traditional Mediterranean cuisine to a classic English pub or French restaurant. Let's go for a walk. Translated with Google Translate

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