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We cannot imagine the Haifa "underground" without its iconic dish - falafel. These mouth-watering "balls" are based on chickpeas (lamb peas). Only unlike hummus, this is not mashed potatoes, but a relatively coarse grind with the addition of other legumes and a lot of spices. This mass is deep-fried and, according to the Copts, the first Christians of ancient Egypt, this dish was used as a substitute for meat during Lent. The name "falafel" is Arabic and comes from the word filfel (pilpel in Hebrew) - pepper - due to the tradition of abundantly pepper the spicy bean mass before roasting. The most important thing about falafel is its freshness. The balls should be freshly fried and crunchy with a thin brownish crust. Any "stagnation" of falafel in anticipation of its "eater" leads to a loss of taste and even to the emergence of a bitter aftertaste. Falafel with tahini - sesame sauce - the most delicious combination. However, it becomes even more delicious when you add a little date syrup and onions to the tahini. Serving falafel is best served with herbs - lettuce, fresh tomatoes, eggplants fried over the fire - will always add flavor, and a couple of drops of lemon juice. All this will add softness and tenderness to this truly national dish of the Middle East. Translated with Google Translate

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Haifa - underground and renovation

A mixture of former English colonial grandeur, long desolation and modern revival. Jaffa Street, the old port area and the current update in a good mix of stories and adventures that can only happen in a port city, where Germans, British, illegal immigrants and underground fighters left their mark. It will not do without the mythological Israeli car Susit, daring attacks by underground fighters, tragic flooding of ships, pubs, bars and restaurants, from traditional Mediterranean cuisine to a classic English pub or French restaurant. Let's go for a walk. Translated with Google Translate

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