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Traditional local tavern. Here they bake and bake many dishes in a special oven. Such stoves are business cards of "real" taverns. This oven is used for various purposes, including for baking bread, but its most important purpose is cooking kleftiko. This is baked young lamb, which stews in the oven for several hours, and the oven door is not just closed, but smeared with clay. By the way, the word kleftiko and kleptomania comes from one root - clefthos - a thief. And it is connected with the fact that only a hundred years ago, not everyone could get their own goat or lamb in Cyprus to bake on fire and feed the entire family, and people simply stole goats and lambs from rich “bourgeois”. And in order not to be caught red-handed, they went into the mountains and dug holes in the ground, in which they baked their prey under tightly walled clay lid, so that neither the smoke nor the smell. Thus was born the Kleftiko dish, for the sake of which the oven exists today. Over time, kleftiko became the property and coastal areas, although the main product here is fish. Whether they cook fish in the oven and how, I will find out later :) Translated with Google Translate

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Здравствуйте! Добро пожаловать в мои экскурсии! Я как-то понял, что погулять с каждым я не успею, гулять в группах мало кому сейчас хочется, а гулять «вслепую» быстро становится скучно. Так и появилась идея записывать маршруты и создавать полноценные путеводители, которые я здесь собираю. Если вы попали сюда, значит вам нужен ключик, чтобы открыть маршрут – пожалуйста! Напишите мне сообщение на телефон +972 537907561 или на и я с радостью вам помогу! Иначе, зачем я всё это делаю?
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Evgeny Praisman
Paphos Historic places and a short shopping. My trip of Nov 26, 2018

A spontaneous walk through the city told the legends of ancient churches and the history of the Jewish mother, who became the patron saint of the ancient Roman catacombs. Also, the city’s biggest mole was beautifully decorated for Christmas, there was a very beautiful ceramic workshop and the revelation that the most delicious meat dish on the island is connected with theft. It was wonderful adventure! Translated with Google Translate

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