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Jaffa Port is considered one of the oldest in the world. Bible has mentioned him. The history of the place called Jaffa is at least 3000 years old. So many rulers ruled Jaffa that it is not easy to say who left its influence most of all. One thing is obvious Jaffa's port has an excellent location. Via Maris - the commercial road of the ancient world passed here. Pilgrims to Jerusalem went down to the shore here. English and French army forces established naval bases here. The "Charity fees" - the food and aid to Jewish communities in the country arrived at Jaffa. Lines on the flor describes the distance from the port of Jaffa to famous cities of the world. The rays indicate the direction and distance. Sometimes, amazement mixed with a smile rises on your lips: how close they are. On holidays and weekends perform street musicians, exhibitions and events are pleasing to the eye and ear. And people want to smile at each other. But it was not always like that in the port of Jaffa. It wasn't quiet for almost all its years of existence. Captains had to pass the dangerous roks of Andromeda in the entrance to the port. At the end of the 19th century, big ships could not enter the old port of Jaffa and were moor in the open sea. Small boats loaded goods and passengers and transported them to shore. Not everything went well. For example, Theodor Herzl, the predictor of the Jewish state, turned his ankle when he got on the boat. The Russian writer Inav Bunin, who did not understand the meaning of Turkish entry certificates, received a certificate intended for a Jewish pilgrim instead of a Christian. Unfortunately, new bells brought to Israel for the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem sank into the depths during the transport. After establishing the State of Israel and constructing a new modern port in Ashdod, the port in Jaffa became a marina of fishing boats and small yachts. You can visit galleries, restaurants, cafes and meet street vendors selling souvenirs and jewelry along the pier. Fishers sit on the dock, and a tiny pleasure boat leaves the port for a short cruise along the Tel Aviv coast. The fishermen return with their catch at dawn, and the famous restaurateurs in Tel Aviv send the buyers to choose the best fish. Mediterranean negotiations are developing around the fish, and everyone involved fascinates the morning mysteries of the Jaffa port - the sale of the catch before dawn.

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Old jaffa

Let us walk from the sizeable southern parking through the port, the streets of the upper city, the house of Ilana Gur, the workshop of Meisler, the soaring orange, Abrashi Park, the square of all the signs of the Zodiac, the Cathedral of St. Peter, to the port and back to the parking,

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