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In restaurant Sanklish, they decided to be simple. It means to be genuine - it's who you are and what you are. The restaurant's name Shanklish means a traditional Arab dish ubiquitous in the north of Israel, Syria and Lebanon. However, the spice component is different and constitutes a local peculiarity that can be very different between the Upper Galilee and the Jerusalem mountains. Shanklish is made from ripe strained yoghurt, white cheese and seasoned with a unique spice blend as authentic to the region. Preparation of Sanklish takes two days, requires a lot of attention and patience. The professionalism is not to cross the fine line between sourness and vinegar and not turn a refined dish into something one cannot eat.

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Culinary tour in the Arab village of Ein Rafa

The rural vicinity of the village Ein Rapha in the Jerusalem mountains mixed with the Kisallon River landscapes creates a unique atmosphere of eternal peace and invites you to taste the authenticity of the local cuisine. Locals prepare dishes from local ingredients according to local traditions, and instead to say more "local", taste this.

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