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The Bahai religion was born and finally formed in the second half of the 19th century in Acre and Haifa. Once persecuted by the Turkish authorities, a group of followers of the Bab, the founder of the faith, was banished to Acre. Adherents, led by the successor of the teachings of Bach Ulla, with time, were able to settle in Acre and Haifa and give the remains of the founder of the teachings of the earth on the slopes of Mount Carmel. Today a tomb with a golden dome stands at this place - a symbol of the Bahai gardens and the whole of Haifa. Around the tomb were gardens, consisting of 19 terraces. The entrance to the upper, lower terrace and the middle one where the tomb is located is open and does not require prior approval. Passing through the terraces is possible from top to bottom as part of organized groups at certain hours. One of the important elements of the Bahai faith is beauty and harmony, which are reflected in beautiful gardens. Translated with Google Translate

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A walk through the German colony and the lower terrace of the Bahai gardens

The route starts from the Golden Crown Hotel and the City shopping center, runs up Ben Gurion Street through the houses of Schumacher and Olifant, the historic Colony Hotel, the lower terrace of Bahai Gardens, the Song Street, Dojan Restaurant, the burgher-style restaurant, the German Colony Community House and the current City Museum and ends at the bottom of the German colony at the intersection of Jaffa and Ben Gurion streets. Translated with Google Translate

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