Places to visit in Ein Hod, Arbel, Migdal, Тверия, Almagor

From Tel Aviv to Zimer nad Kinneret


The first stop is the village of artists Ein Hod - an interesting story, galleries and street art, here you can have breakfast in a cozy cafe and contemplate the morning coast from the height of the mountain. Further the path will pass along one of the most picturesque roads - the mountain pass through the Carmel. Along the way, there will be ancient caves and quarries, stunning views and unusual places from the horse farm to the “leaky prison”. Then we are waiting for Arbel National Park - the Crusaders' battle with Muslims, a picturesque cliff overlooking the entire north of the country, the cave fortress besieged by the soldiers of Herod the Great. Then we take a walk along the Tiberias embankment with its stories from Prague and Vitebsk rabbis to Israeli generals and politicians. Then we will visit the city of Jesus Christ - Capernaum where the house of Peter the Great, the ancient synagogue and the excavations of incredible scope are preserved. Well, and then cherished Zimmer with a view of the Kinneret, barbecue, night peace and coolness. Translated with Google Translate

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Tiberias was built by Herod Antipas - the son of Herod the Great in honor of the Roman emperor Tiberius. Since then, the city has known various rulers and many eras have left their mark on it. The first synagogue at this place was built by the Hasidim, they say, under the leadership of Menachem Mendel from Vitebsk, while others say that they were survivors of the Chernobyl massacre. Today, the Hasidic community settled in the synagogue. The synagogue has been restored and a special Hasidic spirit has returned to it. Translated with Google Translate

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The archaeological park keeps traces of the city of the times of the Crusaders. In 1099, after the capture of Jerusalem, the knights led by Tancred of Normandy arrived in Tiberias and took the city without a fight. After nearly a hundred years in 1187, the soldiers of Saladin took the city and defeated the crusaders on Mount Hattin. In Tiberias, you can see buildings constructed of black stone - basalt and white stone - limestone. Such a wealth of building material is due to the fact that the city stands on the western shore of Lake Kinneret - here there are limestone mountains, and the eastern shore is of volcanic origin basalt there. Throughout the history of the city, its builders skillfully used these materials. Translated with Google Translate

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In this part of the embankment is a device measuring the level of water in the Kinneret lake compared with the level of the Mediterranean Sea. Lake Kinneret is located about 270 meters below. But the device shows the real level, which can vary during the day. The lake is fed by the waters of the Jordan River and the streams of the Golan Heights and Galilee. Seasonality of rivers and streams as well as the level below sea level is associated with the Syrian-African fault, one of the lowest points of which is Lake Kinneret. The lowest point of the fault and the lowest place on earth is the Dead Sea. It is from here from the lake Kinneret Jordan flows into the Dead Sea. And on the contrary, there is an old building of a mosque built by Dar el Omar - the Bedouin ruler of Galilee. This mosque was a mosque of fishermen. Translated with Google Translate

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The Church of St. Peter was founded by the Crusaders. She inherited the founding of a Muslim mosque. Later, again converted to a mosque, the building expanded and became the basis for the construction of an inn under Turkish rule. At the end of the 19th century, the church was built again. The architectural plan of the church and its decoration widely uses the motive of the boat as a symbol of early Christianity. It is to the fishermen on the lake that Jesus comes, and among them calls Peter (Simeon). In 1833, a statue of Peter was installed in the courtyard, which is a copy of the statue of Peter, located in the cathedral of Peter in the Vatican. Also in the courtyard you can see a memorial tablet dedicated to Polish soldiers in the Anders corps - in fact, the Polish army during the Second World War, formed in the USSR and withdrawn by the British, first to Iran and then partially to Palestine. Translated with Google Translate

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This old building with white stone window openings in black basalt walls was built in 1850 as the hotel Haifa. At that time, it was fashionable to call hotels by the names of cities. In 1946, the famous Egyptian singer Umkultum stayed at the hotel and after her visit the hotel was renamed Umkultum. After the establishment of the State of Israel, the hotel became the center of Bohemia and artists and numerous exhibitions took place in it. It is still such today - a boutique hotel and an arts center. Translated with Google Translate


Here, in the space between the hotel Shirat HaYam and the Scottish house (which until 1953 was the oldest hospital in Galilee) there is an open-air art museum. This is a joint project of the city department of culture, the ministry of tourism and the development department of Tiberias. The garden exhibits the work of many famous sculptors including the works of the world famous designer Ilana Gur. Translated with Google Translate

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