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Criminal Odessa.


A wonderful tour from the agency Tudoy Sudu. Our small company in the amount of 10 grateful listeners simply bailed out to the wonderful Alena Kaletinskaya - who fell in love with us in the history and rehearsal of the fate of Deribas, Vera Kholodnaya, Kotovsky, the Japanese bear, the prototype of Ostap Bender and agent 007, which penetrate the city with their unfulfilled dreams, sensational deeds and simple tragedies. Alena kindly shared her phone number 0669929494 and I highly recommend taking a walk with her around the city by the sea. It was wonderful! Translated with Google Translate

Author & Co-authors
Evgeny Praisman (author)
Здравствуйте! Добро пожаловать в мои экскурсии! Я как-то понял, что погулять с каждым я не успею, гулять в группах мало кому сейчас хочется, а гулять «вслепую» быстро становится скучно. Так и появилась идея записывать маршруты и создавать полноценные путеводители, которые я здесь собираю. Если вы попали сюда, значит вам нужен ключик, чтобы открыть маршрут – пожалуйста! Напишите мне сообщение на телефон +972 537907561 или на и я с радостью вам помогу! Иначе, зачем я всё это делаю?
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Transfiguration Cathedral of Odessa
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

The history of this cathedral begins in times of Catherine the Great. Odessa was conceived and built by the empress. After her death, Emperor Paul canceled the privileges granted to the city and, in fact, led Odessa's fate to complete disaster. Furthermore, in addition to personal hostility to the acts of the “eccentric empress with German descent,” this was facilitated by the misconduct of Deribas himself, the mayor. Deribas - the first mayor of the city, Deribanil state funds. With postscripts of dead souls and all that in our times is called corruption of an inconceivable scale. With this, the story of criminal Odessa begins for us. But! The same story will meet us at the end of the tour. Remember this name: Deribas. Translated with Google Translate

Apartment building and brothel
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Apartment buildings. In 1920, legal prostitution was commonplace in Odessa. In this building was the first and most ancient brothel. To be hired in this brothel, you had to know at least two foreign languages, moreover, Italian was considered as such. Over the years, the business has improved and with the advent of photography, Priestesses of Love were chosen from albums. It was fashionable to order their services in advance using a messenger. Once, among mademoiselle, he saw a messenger wife. This immediately led to a bloody murder. Every prostitute had a yellow ticket. Yellow tickets are a mixture of passport and work book. Every month there were checks with a doctor and stamps were put. That’s where the expression comes from: “there’s nowhere to print.” On the income side of this house, the suicide of Vera Kholodnaya happened. Translated with Google Translate

Faith Cold House
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

In the chronicles of Odessa there are shots of silent documentary films of how the body of Vera Kholodnaya is carried forward with their feet from this porch. According to the official version, she died from Spain (swine flu). However, at that time there was no epidemic of this disease in Odessa. Conversely, cadaveric spots on the body may indicate intentional poisoning. This version becomes more believable, given the fact that the Bolsheviks were looking for ways to bribe the commander of the French troops in the city. Vera’s husband was an approximate person and a path was probably found through her. The French handed over the city to red and right after that, Vera and her husband were gone. Perhaps they were removed as witnesses. To this day, the causes of the death of the great actress have not been established. The story of the study begins with the visit of the daughter of Vera in the 80s to Odessa and requests to visit the mother’s grave. She was shown a tombstone on a nonexistent grave, but began a study of the causes of death and the burial place. Translated with Google Translate

Kotovsky House
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Kotovsky. In the first episode of the film, Liquidation, the phrase sounds: Everyone is I, Gotsman. In fact, this is a rephrasing of the words of the famous raider Kotovsky and they sounded: Everyone to stand, I am Kotovsky. Kotovsky led a gang that robbed and repaired robbery. He was caught and convicted. There is a myth that after the death sentence was announced in the city courthouse, he escaped through the window, the Potemkin stairs and swam along mine to Peresepi, and only there he was caught. In fact, all 4 months between the announcement of the verdict and before its enforcement, he was in prison and wrote plaintive letters full of love lyrics, letters to the wife of the governor. He was in no hurry to execute. Red came. He was in no hurry to surrender to them with giblets and each time put forward new conditions for cooperation. So, he became chairman of the prisoners' union. He rose to the rank of Deputy Minister of Defense - Deputy Commissar Frunze. But in the end he was shot, because the councils did not cancel any sentence or court decision of the old government in advance. Killer Kotovsky became Zayder Meer. Translated with Google Translate

Army Museum and Cinema SA.
Army Museum and Cinema SA.

Opposite was the army museum; it contained the alcoholic heart of Kotovsky. Romanians during the occupation in 1941 he was eliminated. They crushed the tractors with caterpillars and buried them in the ground. Translated with Google Translate

Fire department and coping
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Usually, the fire station and the police building were combined. The police or gendarmerie, later nicknamed the cop, kept the personal files of thieves and bandits and the neighboring fire department, prevented fires and the risk of destruction of personal files. However, as is known from the city chronicle, Mishka Yaponchik married out his sister and the whole Moldavian woman walked. The police were worried, no matter what happened, and therefore the whole fire department and the police themselves were standing there, while at that time the people of the Japanese quietly burned a criminal. So the archives disappeared. There were 4,000 people in the gang. Translated with Google Translate

Monument to Vera Cold
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Monument to Vera Cold. This young skinny girl loved to say: Bruises under the eyes are a sign of fine nature. We know a lot and nothing about her death. This monument is from the inhabitants of the city. There was a rose in Vera’s hand. The forged rose was dragged away by onlookers 12 times. The monument itself is a fragment of a dance with Vertinsky. After Vera’s serial thefts of a metal rose, fresh flowers are now being put into Vera’s hand. The most spectacular is a black tulip. Vera was a native of Poltava, a simple rural girl. She died at only 25 years old, gaining a huge celebrity. She had everything: a husband, two children, recognition and fame. Translated with Google Translate

Greek street
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Greek street. Having inherited a corrupt city from Deribas, Richelieu justly decided to stop the smuggling. Already on his first visit to the port, he was stuck in a swamp just stepping on the ground and immediately discovered that he had been robbed by those who helped return to the carriage. The first Odessa laws were aimed at combating smuggling. All ships were obliged to unload exclusively in the port, otherwise, they became the prey of the Greek pirates. It was a conspiracy between the authorities and the pirates. In order to give pirates the opportunity to earn legal money in the city, they were given the first police posts. At the head of the system was Lambras Katsoni. Odessa arose on an explosive mixture of different people who found themselves here after various upheavals of the late 18th century. The French Revolution, the partition of Poland, the abolition of the Zaporizhzhya Sich, the Napoleonic Wars. Translated with Google Translate

Liebman's apartment building
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

This house housed the best Liebman bakery in town. In 1905, Jewish anarchist organizations carried out a terrorist attack here. People died. This was the answer to the Jewish pogroms that swept through the city. The pogroms were initiated by the tsarist secret police, the government directed people's hatred into a fertile anti-Semitic channel. They watered the crowd with wine from the barrels and the crowd went to smash. Ahead the boys ran and shouted: put the icons in the windows. There were no icons in Jewish houses. Later, the Jewish guys decided to defend themselves. These were the students of ORT. He appeared in Odessa, they united in groups. After the pogroms, self-defense was not disbanded. On the contrary, some guys came, for example, they said to the pharmacy that they would guard and that you had to pay for it. So the roof appears. Such a roofing one - the Police sent the Bear of the Jap to Sakhalin. After returning, he combined all the units under him. Translated with Google Translate

Crossroads of Preobrazhenskaya and Pasteur
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

City Park. Deribas distributed land for free but for building a house and landscaping. Everything was growing. Plot number 13 went to a wealthy man and he gave Deribas a bribe to change the numbering. The new owners of the 13th plot also did not like it, and they also paid quite a bit to cancel this number. So, on an unlucky number, they began to make themselves quite happy. Despite the fact that number 13 on Preobrazhenskaya street does not exist, people continue to sell the house at number 13, or rent out a nonexistent apartment or send it to a nonexistent address. Translated with Google Translate

Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Here in the house of the nobleman Ivan Mikhailovich along Pasteur Street, Bolshevik rule appears and here the connection of the Soviet government with Mishka Yaponchik is born. He surrenders 2,000 people to the Red Army as a new strategic alliance and a parade is taking place in the city! On Novoselskaya Street, the parade ended where today is the Faculty of Philosophy of Odessa University. This gang army attacked a suburb of Odessa and in Voznesensky they celebrated the capture of the city. At night, they are cut by whites, those remaining on the train try to return to Odessa. Kotovsky interrupted them. Mishka Yaponchik died there. He was buried in the mass grave near Voznesensk. Then the conscientious police were located in this building. Babel went here and wrote subjects from interviewees. Then the NKVD appeared here. And Babel will be one of the first. Translated with Google Translate

James Bond
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Odessa University. It has the largest number of memorial tablets. But not one mentions a very interesting person. Solomon Rosenblum studied here. He was from a family of pharmacists of the first pharmacy chain in Odessa. His parents sought to give the child a good education and were even able to pay for the education of a non-Jewish boy with their Jewish child. For Jews, there was a quota for education. The boy fell in love with the banker's daughter and, when the question of marriage came up, he fled. Surfaced in Brazil and entered the British intelligence school. He becomes a spy for the Sydney Rally James Bond. Translated with Google Translate

Scythian crown
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Tiara Saitaferon and the Gohman brothers. They brought a helmet to the Vienna Museum for sale from Olbia. The Austrian Museum did not buy a helmet, because they asked for a lot and they went to the Louvre. The Louvre took a state loan and put up this tiara for 7 years in a separate room in order to repay the loan. Rumors spread that a certain Rokhumovsky from Odessa had made this fake. Rumors filled up and Rokhumovsky was requested to the Louvre. He calls weight, alloy, pattern and everything that only the one who created this fake could know. He also said that the Hohman brothers requested the production of tiara and, as far as he knows, sold it to the Louvre. To this day, this crown was kept in the Louvre as the greatest fake of the 19th century. Translated with Google Translate

Ostap Bender prototype
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

The Shor brothers were born in this house. Nathan Shor was a poet. The elder was a huge adventurer. In 1905, a riot began on the battleship Potemkin. One of the reasons is rotten meat. After rotten veal, they began to buy chicken. Senior Shore creates a cooperative: "Perfect Chicken." It has special eggs from which chickens without feathers hatch. They said that a chicken will grow that does not need to be plucked. On this scam 2 suitcases of money were collected, and then it was necessary to run. He fled to St. Petersburg, there was a riot, the money was gone, he married a rich widow and the first night fled with jewelry. In his native Odessa, he talked drunkenly about his fate to Ilya Ilf and he created Ostap Bender - the Golden Calf. Shor lived to be 89 years old, having survived both Ilf and Petrov and the revolution and war. Translated with Google Translate

Creaky boots
Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

From here you can see the port. I immediately recall the scows full of mullet and shoes with a terrible creak. Grigory Marazli - the Greek arrived in Odessa and brought boots to the loaders. He really wanted to become a city governor and was looking for ways to create quick support among port workers - the most influential “city trade union”. But all the boots were on one foot. The second Marazli promised to give after the election. That's where the boots creaked with a terrible creak. Translated with Google Translate

Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Monument to the orange who saved the city. After the death of Catherine - remember the first point of our walk? Paul is the first to strangle Odessa. Deribas comes to Dr. Paul the first and for a lot of money asks him to prescribe oranges to Pavel as a medicine. They scooped oranges in Odessa with the whole world, each kept wax and sent to St. Petersburg in the winter. Each wrapper was asked to return to the city its privileges. Paul spared the city and restored privileges to him. So Odessa was saved. This monument stands to the orange at the intersection of Preobrazhensky and Zhvanetsky boulevards. Translated with Google Translate

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