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Apartment buildings. In 1920, legal prostitution was commonplace in Odessa. In this building was the first and most ancient brothel. To be hired in this brothel, you had to know at least two foreign languages, moreover, Italian was considered as such. Over the years, the business has improved and with the advent of photography, Priestesses of Love were chosen from albums. It was fashionable to order their services in advance using a messenger. Once, among mademoiselle, he saw a messenger wife. This immediately led to a bloody murder. Every prostitute had a yellow ticket. Yellow tickets are a mixture of passport and work book. Every month there were checks with a doctor and stamps were put. That’s where the expression comes from: “there’s nowhere to print.” On the income side of this house, the suicide of Vera Kholodnaya happened. Translated with Google Translate

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Evgeny Praisman
Criminal Odessa.

A wonderful tour from the agency Tudoy Sudu. Our small company in the amount of 10 grateful listeners simply bailed out to the wonderful Alena Kaletinskaya - who fell in love with us in the history and rehearsal of the fate of Deribas, Vera Kholodnaya, Kotovsky, the Japanese bear, the prototype of Ostap Bender and agent 007, which penetrate the city with their unfulfilled dreams, sensational deeds and simple tragedies. Alena kindly shared her phone number 0669929494 and I highly recommend taking a walk with her around the city by the sea. It was wonderful! Translated with Google Translate

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