Pinsteps. Another farm on Lake Araysh
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We got here by accident. I just saw a shorter path on the map and drove off. I must say that the roads here are not that unpaved ... here they are simply expensive, apparently they name the place where they are going to drive. If it turns out, they are indicated on the map. We stopped to photograph a beautiful pond and a well near the water. A man walked slowly to us and smoked a cigarette. We greeted with a nod and continued on our way until in confusion we stopped at the intersection of two paths, wondering which one to choose. The man slowly walked in our direction. He smiled affably and waved his hand in the direction where, I, was going to go, he said: "do not." To my expression I added: “If you want to sit down, then yes.” He went to the barn and sat on a bench with a feeling of satisfaction, crouched in a jacket over his shoulders and put out his cigarette. He smiled. Either to the people in our face, or to the one that helped us, or to a good day, or to wash away life. It was nice, we nodded gratefully to him and returned to the main road. Translated with Google Translate

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Golden Autumn of Latvia, Cesis, Riga

Day trip through the Gauja river park, old manors, ancient Cesis and a medieval castle, the Baltic Sea and coniferous forest and of course the beautiful old woman of Riga Translated with Google Translate

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