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On October 25, 1898, almost half a century before the murder of the head of the Haifa Criminal Investigation Department, people crowded at this place near the balcony of the communal house. German colonists in Haifa had the honor to meet the august persons of Kaiser of Germany Wilhelm II with his wife Augusta Victoria. For this purpose, a quay was built half a kilometer from here, to which a boat was to moor, which brought the rulers from their imperial yacht, Hohenzollern, which left Beirut. The pier was built by Gottlieb Schumacher, the son of Jacob Schumacher, the Honorary Consul of the United States in Haifa. From his father Gottlieb inherited the position and the house opposite, across the street. In this house, Schumacher received two English officers Condor and Kitchenner, who were sent to Palestine for the purpose of research and mapping. Could Schumacher, a lover of archeology and biblical studies, then think that these cards would give the British an unprecedented advantage over the Germans and Turks, would allow them to easily wage victorious battles in Palestine during the First World War, win an irreproachable victory and exile him, Schumacher, to Egypt, as unreliable. He will ardently defend his right to return to Haifa to his home, to his own world-renowned excavations in Megiddo, and he will receive the right to do so. But when he returned, he would die a year later in 1924. His house would be confiscated by the British during World War II. It stands to this day abandoned with gaping black windows at the back of three arches at the entrance. And above the entrance, as usual, the Templars - the German colonists of Haifa, have a psalm carved. It reads: "Try on us (show us) the light of Thy face, Lord!" Translated with Google Translate

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Haifa - underground and renovation

A mixture of former English colonial grandeur, long desolation and modern revival. Jaffa Street, the old port area and the current update in a good mix of stories and adventures that can only happen in a port city, where Germans, British, illegal immigrants and underground fighters left their mark. It will not do without the mythological Israeli car Susit, daring attacks by underground fighters, tragic flooding of ships, pubs, bars and restaurants, from traditional Mediterranean cuisine to a classic English pub or French restaurant. Let's go for a walk. Translated with Google Translate

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