Pinsteps. The ruins of an Egyptian temple, Jaffa
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The history of Jaffa and its archeology is saturated with different eras and is reflected not only in material culture, but also in historical chronicles. The period of the Iron Age, when different tribes began to settle in Canaan almost simultaneously from the sea and from the side of the desert, is represented relatively poorly, but for sure. From the sea, Jaffa and other coastal cities were captured by the peoples of the sea, nicknamed the invaders (plishtim). They came from the islands of the Aegean and mainland Greece during the great migration of peoples. Jewish tribes entered the Canaan from the east after leaving Egypt. They crossed the Jordan, and their locals began to call Hebrew (Jews). Since that time, artifacts remained in Jaffa, which included Philistine ceramics and the remains of a sacred place called the “Lion Temple” - a hall measuring 5.8 × 4.4 m, with two bases in the center for wooden pillars that supported the ceiling. A lion skull was found on the floor, and next to it is half the seal of a scarab (an ancient Egyptian symbol). This period can probably be attributed to an episode in Greek mythology, when Perseus, rescuing the beautiful Andromeda chained to a rock - the daughter of King Jaffa, removed the head of the Gorgon jellyfish from the bag, and the sea monster who was about to reach its victim - Andromeda, from the sight of the Gorgon turned to stone. The stone cracked and collapsed off the coast, creating dangerous rocks at the entrance to the port, but everyone was saved, and the young lived happily ever after. Translated with Google Translate

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Tel Aviv from its beginning back to Jaffa

One of the most interesting pages in the history of Tel Aviv and Jaffa is the relationship of cities throughout the twentieth century. Jaffa has been a large port city for centuries, and Tel Aviv was only conceived in 1909. The first railway in Palestine was built between Jaffa and Jerusalem when Tel Aviv was not yet there. The Manshia quarter - at the junction of Jaffa and Tel Aviv - ceased to exist during the war for the Independence of Israel. Jaffa became part of the booming Tel Aviv, but retained its identity. All these stories will be told by the route from Mitham aTahan - the old railway station, across the Manshia embankment to ancient Jaffa to the top of the hill of Abrashi Park, where today the most beautiful and most famous view of Tel Aviv and Jaffa opens. Translated with Google Translate

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