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Ceremonies and official meetings are held in the central lobby of the parliament. It is decorated with three tapestries by Marc Chagall. He worked 8 years to create them. They are woven from 144 multi-colored threads. The middle tapestry symbolizes the past. Left symbolizes the present and right one the future. King David is depicted in a red robe. Colors resemble desert and Exodus. Moses is also shown here in a white robe with the tablets of the covenant. But in fact, two images are depicted twice. That is, according to the plan of Chagall, the leaders should be not only in front and above the people, but in them and with the people. King David is also depicted on the right tapestry, followed by a female image. Perhaps this is Bella Rosenfeld's wife and the only love of Chagall's whole life. Below is an inverted violinist - Chagall himself. Right tapestry depicts the return to Zion. Multi-coloring is the multifaceted nature of the Jewish people. Holidays unites people and preserves tradition. Tapestries were made in the 60s - the years of the great wave of immigration. On tapestries we can see two dates. The year when the sketch was created and the year when the tapestries were created. The year 1964 is the time when Chagall created the sketch, and the year 1968 is the creation of the tapestry. Between those dates, in 1967, Jerusalem was liberated and united into one city - the capital of Israel. The right tapestry is the future - the prophecy of Isaiah the dream of Jacob and the story of the wise judgment of Solomon or of the virgin Mary and the baby.

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Knesset - Israeli Parliament, Jerusalem

Excursions to the Knesset the Parliament of the State of Israel, the main legislative body, are conducted by the Parliament's Public Relations Service. Guided tours are available for individual visitors on Sundays and Thursdays in seven languages. The length of the tour is an hour and a half. To book an excursion, to inquire about the dress code and safety rules, please contact the Parliament Press Service of the Invitations and Permits Department: Phone: 02-675-3337 Fax: 02-649-6589 E-mail: or on the Parliament website: https : //

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