Pinsteps. The Good Samaritan Museum in the Judean Desert

The former Good Samaritan Inn is a museum managed by the Authority of Nature and National Parks, which presents a collection of beautiful mosaics and architectural items from the Samaria area and the Judean Desert. Origin of the name Good Samaritan is in the New Testament story. Its a story of a man who was robbed and injured during his pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The Jews did not offer him any help, while a Samaritanian helped him and even done this at his own expense. This behavior can be explained by the fact that Jews were on their way to the temple and were strictly commanded to preserve religious purity. At the same time, the samaritan was not eligible to visit the temple and was enabled to had a deal with anyone. The Christian story teaches you to reach out to your neighbor regardless of class, custom, or tradition. Byzantines identified the place with the New Testament story and built the church. The church and surrounding structures were demolished and rebuilt many times until it became an only inn on the way to Jerusalem.

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The Monasteries of the Judean Desert

A beautiful day trip in the Judean Desert starts in the monastery of Euthymius the Great. It leads us to the water source of Ein Mabuah in the Prat creek, where a spectacular overlook to Wadi Qelt is open. Afterward, it takes us to the Good Samaritan museum with the magnificent mosaic collection, paves the steps to the St. Georgius Monastery in Faran creek, and ends in Nabi Musa - place where Moses was buried by Muslims tradition.

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