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As it was once said of Menahemiah: "The place was the Paris of the Galilee and became a hole of the Jordan Valley." What caused the rapid development of the place and its neglect? In the southwestern part of the Sea of Galilee there is a non-transferable area. The place was called the Fortress of Demons. Is a fertile junction of today. This is why many sailed between Tzemach and Tiberias instead of passing along the coast. Menahemia has become a central place south of the plant thanks to its location and economic development. Shlomo Rosenberg, head of the Menahemia settlement, found water and built a water supply system for the settlement. Each of the settlers received a plot of 300 dunams. The first settlers came from Zichron Yaacov. The main crop is tobacco. At the end of each house was a tobacco-drying facility. The original name Malachmiya is derived from there Wadi Malach. When the British Commissioner Herbert Samuel came to visit the settlement they changed the name to Menahemia after the Commissioner's father. Menamia also became a medical center, the doctor's house was built, but the pharmacist served as a doctor. Translated with Google Translate

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Jordan Valley and southern shore of Kinneret

This daily trip kisses the most mythical points of the Israeli tradition. We will start with Menahemia, which was once called the Paris of the Galilee and became a hole in the Jordan Valley. We will talk and observe the important sites related to the peace agreement with the Kingdom of Jordan and the management of the water economy between the two countries. We will visit Kibbutz Kinneret Group and get to know Naomi Shemer's places of inspiration and end up at Kibbutz Maagan in the Paratrooper's House. Translated with Google Translate

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