Pinsteps. Mamlechet aHalva, Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem

This is one of the famous shops in the market. This is the Kingdom of Halva. The first shop of the Kingdom of Halvah opened in 1947 in the Old City of Jerusalem. After the Jews were expelled from the Old City, during the war for the Independence of Israel in 1948, the family opened a store in the Mahne Yehuda market. Today, the Kingdom of Halva produces halva at the plant in Mishor Adumim, east of Jerusalem in the Judean Desert, and provides jobs for hundreds of residents of the west bank. The halva production process is long and complicated. It includes importing sesame from Ethiopia, grinding seeds to sesame flour in a special mill, and mixing the powder with sugar until it becomes viscous and hardening, like real halva. Eli Maman knows all the family secrets of halva making. These are ancient recipes that have been passed down by generations in his Moroccan family. The recipe for adding various natural flavors, from simple lemon-orange flavors to the taste of whiskey and peanut, is a special secret. Halva, sold in the Kingdom of Halva, is only available in the Mahne Yehuda market and in the recently opened market in Tel Aviv - Sarona Market. The brand uses more than 100 different tastes and types.

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Jerusalem behind the city walls

This trip is the full-day walking tour to Jerusalem for those who have already been in the city more than one time. We will start the day with two amazing museums that discover the real streets of Jerusalem from the time of King David and King Herod the Great. The city of King David impresses with its antiquity and authenticity. The Jerusalem archaeological park - Davidson Center shows the buildings of the vicinity of the Second Jerusalem Temple, its streets, and even shops of artisans. We will visit the Wailing Wall. We will walk along the southern walls of the old city to the Sultan's Pool and climb a little up the slope to the old windmill in the first suburb built behind the city walls. From the quarter of Moses Montefiori, we will approach the legendary King David Hotel and stop for a rest in Independence Park. At the end of the day, we will take a leisurely walk and eat at the most colorful, tasty, and famous city market - Mahane Yehuda.

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