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Toward the end of the Second World War, interest in this complex again appeared. An Egyptian businessman wanted to build the tallest skyscraper in the Middle East here, and an Indian who served in the British army negotiated the purchase of a site, but they were unsuccessful. After the end of the war, the authorities of the English Mandate used this pit to arrest residents who occasionally violated the curfew imposed in the city. In 1950, the Israeli Knesset took its place in Beit Frumine, near the Schieber trench. The municipality of Jerusalem has studied the question of alternatives to the new building of the city hall. One option was Schieber's Pit, the advantages of which were both proximity to the Knesset building and its central location. In the end, the plan was postponed due to funding difficulties. According to another version, they say that because of ideological considerations, the mayor’s office did not leave its historic place on the border with the eastern city, which was under the control of Jordan. In the end, in order to somehow improve this hole, a public park was pitched here. In 1956, the British parliament presented the state of Israel with a gift - a bronze Menorah, made by the artist Benno Elkan. It was installed in a pit near the Knesset building, on May 15 of the same year, on the occasion of the eighth Independence Day of Israel, at a ceremony attended by thousands of people. Because of its location, the statue was named the Menorah of the Knesset, and the pit also received the nickname "The Garden of the Menorah." In 1966, the Knesset moved to its current location, and the Menorah of the Knesset was moved with him and placed in front of the main gate, at the foot of the Rose Garden. Translated with Google Translate

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