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Tel Hadid is the ruins of an ancient settlement. Dating dates back to the early Iron Age. At the time of the conquest of Canaan by the twelve tribes of Jacob under Joshua's leadership, there was an urban settlement on this place, as evidenced by the remains of the fortress wall. The settlement reached its dawn in the eighth and seventh centuries BC. AD during the existence of the Kingdom of Judah. In 1955, excavations were carried out here, during which an interesting mosaic floor was discovered. It depicts the Nile River, city, and riverside vegetation with the inscription "Egyptos." The mosaic is kept in the Maritime Museum in Haifa. During the reign of the Hasmonean kings, the city was fortified by Simon of the Hasmoneans in 143 BC. Vespasian captured the city during the Jewish War. During the Mishna and Talmud period, the Jewish sage Rabbi Yakim of Hadid lived here. The city is mentioned on the map from Madaba. Ashtori aParchs, in his travel notes about the Holy Land, wrote in 1322 that the city is located near Lod, and the inhabitants call it Hadita. In 1949, the Arab population left, along with the inhabitants of Kfar Daniel, after the fall of Lod.

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Forest Ben Shemen, Kfar Daniel and Tel Hadid

The Ben Shemen Forest eastern border begins near Kfar Daniel with its famous Jewelry Factory, expands through the Monkey Rehabilitation Center till the Tel Hadid and the breathtaking views of the coastal plain and Gush Dan. Two hours of beauty under your nose!

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