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The entrance of the ancient Nicholas - probably the oldest building in the city. This is the place to take an interest in the origin of the name - Berlin. Some say that the name of the city is derived from the word Dov. Some say beer. Let's review the versions and make sure both are wrong. Before the church entrance stood the ancient symbol of Berlin. He has neither the famous bear nor the capital. Berlin was never the capital of the capital because it would stand on swamps and get and produce from this water good beer very hard. The bear did not give the city a name either. Berl - is the ancient Slavic name that symbolized an egg or a place for raising fish. Slavs established the place and lived there until 1158, the year of his arrival in the city of Albert of Brandenburg. He accepts these places. The old symbol of the city was not the bear. Albert was called a bear. His height was 192 and symbolized a bear for the low Slavs. Over the years the origin of the Slavic name was forgotten and replaced by Albert the Bear. In the city opposite, Karl Gelberband, who founded and funded the Emek Printing House, published many copies of the New Testament because he saw it as a source of inspiration for every German. Translated with Google Translate

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A short two-hour tour of the city will lead us through known squares and beauty to the famous museum island, towards the ancient palaces, enter the heart of the oppressive city and find out the source of the name Berlin and conclude with a number of unique stories including the story of Wolifrid Israel and the connection between Berlin and Kibbutz Hazorea Alexander is named after the Russian narrow Translated with Google Translate

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