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The British used the station for some time, but dismantled the Turkish line to Nitzana and instead laid a branch in Rafah on the border with Egypt. Due to the fact that the Turkish gauge and the English were of different widths, the use of this station ceased in 1922. The station building began to serve administrative purposes. During the war for the independence of Israel, the headquarters of the Egyptians settled here, and after the creation of the country, the station building passed into the possession of the army. It housed the Israeli intelligence unit. In the mid-fifties of the last century, the need arose for a railroad leading from Be'er Sheva to the center of the country. This was due to the construction of a nuclear reactor in Dimona. Then they switched to the use of diesel locomotives. The last steam locomotive, numbered 70414, set off on its last voyage from Beer Sheva North Station in 1956. A copy of this steam locomotive was brought from the UK and installed here as a historical monument. Translated with Google Translate

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Beer Sheva, Dudaim Forest, Lahavim Forest and Sternbergia flowering.

This is a weekend trip for the whole family. Negev - the desert in southern Israel is especially beautiful after the first rains. In Be'er Sheva, the story is about the old city of Turkish and English Be'er Sheva, the last steam train, a Jewish soldier and a damned mosque. After Beer Sheva, the path passes through the hills of the Goral in a jeep, however, in the area of Lahavim, you can reach the place of flowering of Sternbergia on asphalt roads. Translated with Google Translate

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