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We're in eastern Imereti. Bregoula is a paradise in a small village. Here are its traditions, customs, and peculiarities in food. For example, in Imereti, it is customary to drink wine from a small quevi. Kvevi is a huge jug, which is buried in the ground and in which wine is kept. And there's a little quevi. You only can keep it in hand, and it is not putable on the table - to drink all the time. This is what we saw in the ceramics market. They drink here a local wine called Tsitska. This white wine is known only here in the eastern Imereti - the ancient kingdom of Colchis. This wine was drunk by the famous Medea, and it was a cure. She knew not only the wine but also the herbs, could treat and rejuvenate and on her behalf Medea the word medicine happens. She was the daughter of Colchis king Meta and thanks to her, or rather the miraculous wine of Tsitske Jason and the Argonauts were able to beat the king and steal the Golden Fleece.

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Evgeny Praisman
Georgia. Prometheus Cave, Martvili Canyon, and Culinary Tour. May 28, 2019

The morning began with the Nazuca tortilla. Their recipe is simple: raisins, vanilla, sugar, eggs, cornmeal and stone oven. Their taste is incredible. Then try tzitska wine, which should be drunk from a chinchilla - a jug with a narrow neck - and have a bite of pickled eckala. This day will surprise us with culinary discoveries. In the meantime, let's explore the stalactite cave of Prometheus and the fantastic beauty of the Martvili canyon. Let's first revive the history of the kingdom of Colchis, the tale of the Golden Fleece and the Argonauts. Nukri invited us to his home. Tablecloth set in the garden. The wine was chilled in the well, women were cooking the dough for khachapuri in the kitchen, and wooden chops were crackled on the brazier. It was an incredible adventure!

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